The Shine Tour brings sprinkles of glitter to Atlanta

ColorRunThe Color Run has made its way to Atlanta, leaving behind thousands of multi-colored participants, several memories and countless laughs. Since 2011, The Color Run, also called the Happiest 5k on the Planet, has been an event promoting health and happiness. For one day, it brings people from all walks of life together to get drenched with colors while exercising.

This year, glitter was introduced and the run was appropriately named the “Shine Tour.” Though it is a 5k, volunteer positions are available. This year at the “Shine Tour” volunteers had the options of registration, water stations, color throwing or cleanup.

For those assigned to color throwing, the volunteers received a shirt coordinating with the color powder. Bottles of dyed corn starch are filled in anticipation of the large groups of runners that would come through. Each color station also has stereos blasting music ranging from the early 1980s to current hits in order to pump up the participants and add to the fun.

Once the first large group goes through the first checkpoint, all that was seen was a large cloud of color, almost like a dust storm. Runners bolt through the array of colors with high enthusiasm, taking selfies, begging for the powder to be put in their faces or hair, and some even go the extent of rolling around on the ground to ensure they get colored from head to toe. Other runners try their best to avoid the color storms by walking behind the armed volunteers or by simply showing no interest.

I have volunteered for the past two years, this being my third and possibly my favorite. Not only did I finally get to leave clad in blue and looking like a character from The Smurfs, I also formed new relationships. The runners this year were also more hands on. I got bear-hugged at least three times and was even asked to be in pictures and videos. If someone were looking to experience something like never before, I would definitely recommend participating in The Color Run.



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