UWG recognizes eclectic artistry

The University of West Georgia annually publishes a compilation of creative works from the student body featuring poetry, fiction, translations, artwork, film and music.

For the past 65 years, the staff of Eclectic works hard to sort through submissions and find pieces that they feel truly represents the student body. In 2013, the magazine began shifting towards including even more types of creativity. The issue from 2013 included a comic section, and the current staff is looking towards expanding further and adding dramatic readings and anime portions to the magazine.

The Eclectic evolves as the student body does.

“Art is always changing. In order to appeal to the masses you have to grow with them. We can’t stay stagnant, you have to include what everyone is into,” said Taylor Boltz, Editor-in-Chief of Eclectic. “You don’t have to be an English, film or art major to submit. We want to see stuff from everyone.”

Her passion for writing led her to Eclectic. She has been published in this magazine the past two years and has been the editor for the latest issue.

“I really want to see the student population get into this because it’s a lot of fun and it’s reflective of what people do on campus. There’s such a wide range of talent that hasn’t been tapped into,” Boltz said.

The staff of Eclectic is currently sorting through all the submissions for this year’s edition. However, if you are interested in next year’s magazine, you can check out the guidelines on Eclectic’s website, www.westga.edu/~eclectic.

This year’s release party for the 2015 edition of the Eclectic magazine is March 28 during the Keynote address at the graduate’s conference. Look for issues around campus following this event.



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