The Howl and Growl

As the University of West Georgia begins yet again another school year of scholastic achievement, I cannot help but notice how much our campus has grown over the years. Since transferring to UWG in 2011, I have seen one new residence hall added to campus, Center Pointe Suites. In addition, two older residence halls, Boykin and Downs, as well as the old Art Annex, were demolished last year to make way for the new east campus. However, this year we finally get to see the results of the construction that has bombarded our campus as all of the construction on that side of campus is finally completed, or at least nearly completed.  Now it seems that they are adding onto Publications and Printing and giving it a facelift to fit in with the rest of east campus. Even Love Valley, is undergoing some sort of construction, that I have yet to figure out. What for? I guess it is true that construction never stops on a college campus, well that and STDs.

Both The Oaks and East Commons are beautiful additions to our lovely campus—aside from the caution tape protecting the newly laid sod. So I guess the annoying wait was worth it. Although, I must say that The Oaks is one of the most superficially named buildings on our campus. I can only assume they chose to name it in honor of all the lovely trees that gave their lives for the sake of progress. At least East Commons is a quite literal name, albeit a little dry in comparison to the Z6 and Wolves Den Food Court, with the latter two receiving facelifts over summer break—and continuing into fall semester in the case of the Wolves Den.

Also, if you have been to dine at either the Z6 or the East Commons, you may have noticed a long line. This is mostly due to the addition of some new high tech machinery. Now to use your meal plan you are supposed to have your hand scanned. I have yet to really figure out the purpose of these new additions, as I thought that Mr. Michael Karr was doing a fine job at swiping cards. Personally, I only see these things as a pointless invasion of privacy, which serves no real purpose, and in the end is just a way to waist money. What is next, having to have a DNA test to get a parking pass?

Nonetheless though, I want to welcome all the new freshman and transfer students to the University of West Georgia, and welcome back to all of you who are returning. Best of luck this year, and GO WOLVES!




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