The Magic of the Season: Remembering the Meaning of the Holidays

It is that time of year again, when the weather begins to turn cold and our hearts begin to fill with warmth. The holiday season is officially on us, but as I grow older, I cannot help but feel that the holiday magic that I loved as a child has been lost. We have became engulfed in the commercialism of the holiday season, and forgotten the true reason for the season.

At one time, Christmas was the most special of all holidays as the focus was more on spending time with those that you loved, instead of the latest electronic gadget. One of the best holiday memories that I have is of the time that my family and I spent Christmas feeding the homeless. It was the first time that I fully understood the meaning of the holidays.

It was blistery cold and we were in a random parking lot in downtown Atlanta serving food to a bunch of strangers. The appreciation of those who we fed helped to remind me of what all I had to be happy and thankful for. They had far less material possessions than I, but were happy to just have something hot to eat. More importantly, the people that I hold most dear were standing by my side as we helped those who were in need. .

This holiday season, I challenge everyone to remember the magic of the holidays. Do something nice for someone for no other reason than you want to. Focus more attention on the ones that you love and care about and less attention on the gift giving and receiving. Things only remain new for so long, before they are yet another trivial possession. The feelings and memories of spending time with your loved ones and helping others will last forever. I hope that everyone’s holiday season is filled with the same joy and love that made the holidays magical for me as a child. With that I wish you all happy holidays.



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