The Marketing Carnival is Coming to Campus!

On Oct. 23, the carnival is coming to town….the Marketing Carnival! Students of MKTG 3804 proudly present a day of fun filled carnival games and attractions for you and your friends to enjoy. Compete for prizes such as local restaurant freebies and Halloween candy, all the while taking part in a meaningful learning experience for the students involved.

The various attractions set up around campus will present familiar carnival style games such as the ring toss, softball throw, balloon darts, bowling and a few creative creations. In addition to being a delightful diversion, the marketing carnival is designed to allow MKTG 3804 students to collect data of students for local stores and restaurants so that owners/managers may make conclusions to better their businesses. Dr. Beheruz Sethna, president of UWG and the instructor of the course developed the marketing carnival as an approach to data collection that is fun for the public. This simple idea gives people incentive to take part in usually tedious surveys. “Using the Mary Poppins approach that ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,’ the Marketing Carnival creates a win-win for the manager and the consumer,” said Sethna.

The event represents the integration of learning and an entertaining environment. Though there is much to enjoy at the Marketing Carnival, groups are hard at work behind the scenes to not only create the event, but to create a meaningful research project to present to their respective businesses and to ultimately compete at research competitions. Sarah Saltiel, Bora Gunay, and Amaan and Ayaan Kazerouni, students in MKTG 3804 and members of the Advanced Academy Program are researching on behalf of the  on-campus Chick-fil-a and the South Park St. location. Their group hopes to attract respondents with promotional items supplied by Chick-fil-a and games such as baseball and bowling. “The Marketing Carnival allows us to raise attention to our research and make data collection easier, all the while the respondents are just having good time,” said the group.


The carnival hopes to enrich the social environment at UWG while providing a platform for students to learn outside of the classroom with practical problems and real-world research. So tell your friends, stop by between classes and be sure to bring your “A” game!



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