The Ultimate Competitors

Even though they are not an athletic program, one University of West Georgia team will be competing in five tournaments throughout the Southeast by the end of the school year.

The UWG Ultimate Frisbee club has already competed in tournaments at Georgia State and in South Carolina and are looking to compete in Florida, Alabama, Statesboro and Atlanta.

“We look to compete anywhere really,” said Ultimate Frisbee Club President Lindsey Martin. “There are a ton of tournaments hosted year round, and we just pick and choose where we want to go based on the financial situation and the level of play at the tournaments.”

“I look forward to competing in the tournaments because it allows me to measure my skills against experienced players,” said sophomore Blake Ariail, a member of the club.

As a young, inexperienced group, the club reached a milestone at the all-women’s tournament held at Georgia State—for the first time, UWG sent a full women’s team and won a game.  Overall, the team went 1-2 on the weekend.

“The tournament was an extraordinary turn out for us,” said Martin.  “In the past we have teamed up with Georgia State since neither of us had enough women.  It was a very promising weekend.”

Even though it was not officially created until the fall of this year, The Ultimate Frisbee Club existed long before Martin’s time; however, it was not as organized.  For years, ultimate players have been meeting at the observatory fields and throwing the disc around.

“When I came to the school, the club had already unofficially started,” said Martin. “In the spring of 2011, we started losing the interest of students and the next fall we did not have much of a club at all.”

After a little persuasion from some of the members to restart the club, Martin and the current vice president, Oliver Psalmond, began the process of creating an official club.  Martin and Psalmond sought the help of Brad Whittaker, the Associate Director of Programs at University Recreation, and created the first official Ultimate Frisbee Club.

“Our mission is to be a group of committed collegiate men and women who compete against other schools while spreading the love of ultimate, improving ourselves through consistent training and encouraging the spirit of the game through camaraderie and building relationships,” said Martin.

With 25 active participants, the club is well on its way to achieving its mission and teaching students of all skill levels the game.  Many of the people that come to play with the club have never heard of Ultimate Frisbee and are completely new to the game, while some veterans still find ways to grow through the sport.

“I love the way that ultimate pushes you to your limits more than any other sport,” said Ariail.

The team will push to improve their skills throughout the next two semesters and compete as a legitimate force in upcoming tournaments.

“We have a good chemistry because we know each other and play with each other every single day,” said Martin.  “We have a lot of potential to do well in tournaments.”



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