The WOLF Internet Radio and Media Day

Media Day is one of the biggest events at UWG and takes place Wednesday, March 4. It gives students a chance to network and learn more about the particular mass communications field they wish to study. Experts from public relations, broadcast, film, television, newspaper and radio come to speak to students and give them tips on how to become successful and adaptive in their concentration.

Although they are not a part of the panel discussion, Shawn Isaacs, Operating Manager for The WOLF Internet Radio, said they will cover Media Day during their morning show, The Morning Howl. They will discuss the panelists, their predictions about what to expect from this year’s function and they will broadcast the event for students who are not able to attend. The WOLF Internet Radio will also provide updates and news about Media Day through their Twitter page.

Isaacs said that The WOLF Internet Radio has attended Media Day for last three years and will continue to do so. Media Day is a great time for The WOLF Internet Radio to interact with students. He also hopes that when students visit their table that they enjoy themselves and relax. He wants to help ease tension since students are already nervous about the day.

“The WOLF Internet Radio has been at every Media Day since 2011,” said Isaacs. “This is a great time to expand our programming and it offers anyone a chance to listen from their offices.”

As far as improvement goes, The WOLF Internet Radio is trying to be more involved with social media sites “to increase their outreach on multiple platforms.”

Isaacs enjoys Media Day because of the interactions with the students and alumni. Overall, he thinks it is an opportunity for “the whole department to mingle and grow professionally.” In addition, he thinks it is great time to display to students that The WOLF Internet Radio is apart of the Mass Communications department and works with them.

“I believe it shows students that the whole department does work together,” said Isaacs. “I believe our distances across campus often give the perception that we are separate, but Media Day shows that we are one department working together to provide students with a chance to prosper upon graduation.”

If you want a chance to connect with The WOLF Internet Radio, you can find them in the back of the Campus Center Ballroom. You can also be apart of The WOLF Internet Radio by taking a production class or you can sign up to be a WOLF in Training (WIT). WIT lasts for seven weeks and trains students on how to work for The WOLF Internet Radio; the waiting list is in the Anthropology building.



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