The value of Valentine’s Day

Apparently it’s only acceptable to show your affection for the one you like or love one day a year. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a huge waste of money that proves your status of affection for that “special someone”. The scenario is the same every year it seems − finding the perfect outfit, reservations for a fancy dinner and then a great movie to follow. This has all been done before, and it will continue to happen for many Valentine’s Days to come. Yes, it is nice to have good company for this Hallmark promoted holiday, but if you are “truly, madly, deeply in love” with the other individual then why are you not demonstrating these displays of affection all year round?

It is almost as if our society has settled for the clichéd routine date night and cheesy stuffed animals; for most couples this works and if it’s what works within your relationship then who is anyone to judge that. The day should be recognized; however, it should not be recognized in such a way that it is an eyesore each time we step foot in our local Wal-Mart. There is much to be said about someone that takes his or her time on a gift that comes from the heart on this day. That makes the day special, not chocolate squares with names that nobody can pronounce.

If multimillion-dollar companies did not benefit from this holiday then nobody would bother spending the amount of money on the useless items that are being sold in almost every store around the country. According to research published by CNN, Consumers spend nearly $2 billion on flowers and $2 billon on candy each Valentine’s Day. Why has our society chosen to put a price tag on everything? Nothing is safe from the capitalization of the Marketing giants that rule our every purchase and emotion.

Instead of taking advantage of the one day a year that we are allotted to openly express our love for that “special someone”, make an attempt to express that same love, if it truly is as strong as we are lead to believe on the Hallmark promoted holiday, than utilize the other 364 days of the year to display that love.



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