Trenton James: In His Words

He sits there in his room and ponders on what to do next with his life. His options to finish school or pursue a career in the entertainment business weigh heavily on his shoulders. Time was passing and it finally came to him.

“I’ll just pray about it and hopefully more clarity will come from there,” says the young man.

After praying about it, Trenton James was faced with his first, real tough decision at the age of 14. Trenton had to choose between pursuing stardom in the entertainment business or finishing high school and going to college following graduation. In the 10th grade, Trenton considered dropping out of high school to get his GED. Trenton’s mother wanted him to finish high school and go on from there, while his father was sold on the idea of Trenton becoming a potential star in the music and entertainment business.

Trenton decided to finish school where he graduated with over a 3.0 GPA in 2010. Trenton made the choice to come to the University of West Georgia shortly after.

“Easily one of the best, yet toughest decisions I’ve made in my life thus far,” says Trenton.

Trenton has set his own standard for what it means to be self-dependent, successful, and active all at once. These attributes have resonated with Trenton dating back to his early teenage years when he was in a rap group all the way up to his tenure in college.

“Multifaceted is the best word to describe my purpose in life,” says Trenton. “When I attend classes on campus I’m referred to as Trenton James, on stage I’m referred to as Yellaboy Trent or YBT, at home my mom calls me Trenton Pichon, and my nieces and nephews refer to me as Uncle Trent. It has become almost a second nature to be all of these different people depending on the environment I’m in. So it’s like a jack of all trades for me at this point, rather than being the average, every day me.”

Trenton’s first real exposure came in his time in the rap group, Cash Camp. Back at Mount Zion High School before Trenton attended Newton High he became a member of Cash Camp. Cash Camp consisted of Trenton, his cousin Dayvon West, and his brother Brandon Sims. Cash Camp is responsible for producing the notable song, “Crank Dat Yank,where they have managed to acquire several millions of views on YouTube.

Cash Camp has done the choreography for songs like “Get Silly” by V.I.C., “They Know” by Shawty Lo, “Superman,” “Snap N’ Roll” and also “Shootout” by Soulja Boy. Some of the major feats of Cash Camp include them going on tour with rapper Soulja Boy to almost all 50 states after their creation of most of the dance movements tied to the “Superman” dance; and their signing with Sony Epic Music Group in 2009. The success came for Trenton at an early age.

In 2008 when Trenton was still in high school, he established his own clothing line, Infamous Boutique.

“I do the designing, marketing and advertising for my brand and I also host and maintain the websites in correlation with Infamous.”

Infamous Boutique is an urban style, street wear brand that targets males from ages 15 to 21. Infamous Boutique has several items according to Trenton, and these items include snapback hats, book bags, pin packs, trousers, jackets and t- shirts.

Trenton says the clothing line is not tough to maintain because he loves what he does.

“If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” says Trenton.

Trenton says the clothing line is doing great, and that he is shooting for a 2014 spring and summer release of new materials. Trenton feels as if this clothing line serves as an outlet for him to express himself and his emotions using his unique talents.

“Now I’m dressing for success almost every day in college because it helps me brand myself in the most respectable light,” says Trenton.

Feeding off of the success from his clothing line, Trenton takes pride in his dress apparel even in the classroom.

“I feel that knowing how to brand myself will help me look the part and will prepare me for the real world after college,” says Trenton.

Trenton is currently a senior at UWG, and is double majoring in Marketing and Management. Trenton is set to graduate in April of 2014.

“The thing I value most about my college experience is the fact that I am able to connect, meet and share stories with my professors that actually care about my success past the courses they are responsible for teaching,” says Trenton.

Trenton is also a SRAP student in the Richards College of Business and is the Treasurer of the American Marketing Association Chapter here at West Georgia. Once Trenton graduates, he plans to get his MBA, he wants to travel to Shanghai to produce Infamous Boutique at a lower cost.

“I didn’t think I would be successful at one point in my life,” says Trenton, “so it’s surreal that I’ve come this far.”



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  1. Great article, very informative. Wishing both young men, Julian and Trenton, great success in life.

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