UTV13 Changes and Updates

Photo Credit: Dewitt Harris/UTV13
Photo Credit: Dewitt Harris/UTV13

This semester, UTV13, the University of West Georgia’s student television station, has made significant changes and updates to its studio. The station has added new segments, and older segments have been updated. Darryl Forges, Senior News Director of UTV13, will be the host of many of the upcoming shows for this semester, including The Conversation.

“The biggest change we’ve made to the station this year is the up to date programming,” said Forges. “That’s one thing we’ve struggled with in the past and right now we have great programming.”

In addition to UTV13’s current show lineup, an abundant amount of revamped shows are in store for this semester.

“Our most consistent segments are our UTV13 specials,” said Forges. “We’re doing a partnership with Dr. Kyle Marrero where he comes in every month and does a presidential address to the university, which is airing right now.”

Photo Credit: Dewitt Harris/UTV13
Photo Credit: Dewitt Harris/UTV13

Old segments, which empower students, are being brought back as well.

“Also, our returning segment called, All About You focuses on your health, safety and lifestyle aspects,” said Forges. “The host, Melissa Martin, is phenomenal at what she does and really tries to get things for students to focus on for the future.”

Forges has even collaborated with other aspects of media for the spring semester.

“We’ve also partnered with The WOLF Internet Radio where we are filming radio shows such as The Power Hour and airing them onto the TV station.”

Also, Forges himself will be hosting many shows this semester.

The Conversation is a platform for student organizations to get their message across campus,” said Forges. “So if you’re a part of the Black Student Alliance, Student Government Association, Sports Management Society— it doesn’t matter, you can come on the show.”

“The main purpose is to get the initiative of student organizations and West Georgia students on a higher platform so students can project those initiatives to the other students on a television aspect.”

Last semester, UTV13 conducted an interview with Dr. Michael Greene, former CEO of The Grammys. This influenced a new line up of professionals to be featured this semester.

“Clark Howard will be on this semester for an interview,” said Forges. “Those 15 minutes will be the most informative minutes of your life. We also have Congressman Lynn Westmoreland who will be speaking about the future of America and of Georgians.

A familiar face to West Georgia students will also be making an appearance at UTV13 this semester.

“And of course, we will have Dr. Kyle Marrero on to give us the initiatives and strategic plan for the university for the next couple of years that’s hopefully supposed to be in full effect by the year 2020.”

Forges, who concludes his last semester at UWG currently, credits all changes made to the studio and shows solely to the entire UTV13 staff.

“The biggest reason why UTV13 is where it is today is because of our staff,” said Forges. “Everyone here at UTV13 has worked really hard. The reason why UTV13 has made significant strides and changes is because of the staff here.”

“As the News Director I get a lot of the credit, but it’s not about me, it’s about the people behind the scenes that make things happen. They all work really hard to make sure that we are where we are at today.”



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