UWG Hits Public Air

The University of West Georgia will be featured on PBS November 9 in a special, which will show the newly renovated campus.  The airing will include a specific piece on UWG’s 16 time national champions cheerleaders. UWG has dominated the competitive world of cheerleading with the all- female squad claiming their third straight championship in 2013 and the Co-ed squad finishing in second place at the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championship in Orlando, Florida.  The feature on the Wolves will give the viewers an inside look at what the cheerleaders bring to UWG and its community.

The Wolves cheerleaders are one the biggest supporters of the school and its community. From her arrival, Head Coach Nicole Wiltsie and her 1st place nationally ranked cheerleader s has hosted many UCA camps for high school students interested in cheerleading at the collegiate level.  The wolves also frequently attend and perform at many of the community and University events such as the Breast Cancer Awareness volleyball game.

“We are really driven to help and serve our community in any way can,” said Wiltsie. “I think watching the program you will get a chance to see what our University stands for but also an inside look on what we bring to the school. I feel that cheerleaders are more than doing flips, wearing uniform and shaking pom-poms. We bring lot spirit and motivation. We are the driving force to create that school spirit and camaraderie bond that we all have to become one; which is focused on being a west Georgia wolf.”

Since joining the UWG in 2011, Wiltsie has made an immediate impact to program by claiming two national titles in her past three seasons. Wiltsie is no rookie when it comes to competition.  She arrived to UWG with an impressive resume of experience. She has worked for seven years as an instructor with UCA. She has also served two years as a judge for their collegiate and high school championships in Orlando, Fla.

“We have grown the program tremendously,” said Wiltsie.  “We have instilled academic drive and mandatory workouts. Bringing a lot more structure and discipline to the program; getting it back to where it originated at.”

This year, the Wolves look to make a giant step in the program, which now almost has fifty students within the program. With majority underclassmen on the squad, the Wolves look to keep winning national titles in upcoming seasons.

“This season I have a lot kids who are completely motivated, dedicated, and cohesive,” said Wiltsie.  “My freshmen are stepping up tremendously. They are helping keeping my seniors and veterans from becoming complacent and truly the driving force to our team.”

The first place nationally ranked cheerleaders will be at performing at “the Howl” on September 10 at 9 p.m. They will also perform at the first UWG home football game as the Wolves take on the Miles Golden Bears for the Gulf South Conference “GAME OF THE WEEK” at the University Stadium at 7:30 p.m.






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