UWG Provides Bus Transportation to the Election Polls

University of West Georgia has provided transportation for registered voters in Carroll County for early voting.

President Sethna, Parking and Transportation, The Excel Center and The iServe Program (first year program for mentoring students who are engaged in civic involvement) are associated with providing bus transportation to the voting polls for this year’s election. UWG announced this opportunity on their website, displayed posters on campus and sent out e-mails and announcements to get the word out to students that may be registered to vote in Carrollton. “Early voting takes place in the County Election Office and Carroll County’s election office is only two miles from UWG. This is one of the reasons why UWG has provided transportation to the polls,” said Cheryl Rice, director of the excel center for Academic Success.

Voters were transported to The Carroll County Elections Office, located on 423 College Street in Carrollton. On week one, transportation was provided on Tuesday (Oct. 16), Wednesday (Oct.17) and Thursday (Oct. 18). On week two, transportation was provided on Monday (Oct. 22), Wednesday (Oct. 24) and Friday (Oct. 26).

“The voting process from leaving campus and back took no more than an hour. It was a quick and easy process,” said Courtney Goggins, an early registered voter and student at UWG. Buses left the Row Hall/UCC Bus Stop every half hour from 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. for two weeks. When voters arrived, they were to complete a voter’s certificate, which asked for their names and place of residence. Voters then had to present their certificate and proper identification to the poll officials for verification. Voters were required to show proper forms of identification before casting their ballot.

UWG’s faculty believes that this election is essential. “If you don’t exercise your right to vote, you are not taking full responsibility for the privilege of being an American citizen. For students that are undecided, do your research. There is a clear distinction between President Obama and Governor Romney,” said Rice.

UWG encourages students that have not gotten their chance to vote, to go out to their registered areas. On Election Day, people that are designated to a precinct and registered to vote in Carrollton can vote in the Z6 on Nov. 6. For those that are not within a local precinct or registered to vote in Carrollton and would like to know where to cast their vote, they can go online to the My Voter Page. The My Voter Page allows people to log in by submitting their first initial and last name, followed by the county you are located in and your birthday.



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