UWG Soccer Team growing towards greatness

Photo Credit: Sydney Baker
Photo Credit: UWG UCM

The UWG women’s soccer team is a group of women that have nothing but heart for the game, and Head Coach Chris Davidovicz shares that same heart. As their coach, he enables a list of core values that the team abides by religiously.

“In this family, we laugh loudly, make mistakes, say, ‘I’m sorry,’ are patient, cherish friends, honor family, are grateful, share and love deeply,” said Davidovicz.

The team’s main focus is unity and accomplishing their goals through that same unity.

Davidovicz was an assistant coach at Thomas University, where he coached the Men and Women’s soccer team for a season. He became head coach and

“Coming here was an opportunity that I felt I couldn’t pass up, a challenge that would result in building something special, and we are in the midst of building that now,” he said.

Davidovicz wants his players to not only hone in on their specific skill set and perfect it, but to have a drive for this sport that could inspire the players, individually, and the team as a whole.

“This is the tightest group I’ve ever coached,” he said. “They fight for one another and are good friends on and off the field. In the truest sense of the word, they are a team.”

The team has not had a six-goal margin win since 2010, until now. Their 7-1 win against Spring Hill College on Sept. 13 put them over that line. Furthermore, the Wolves won three games in a row, which has not happened since 2007.

Davidovicz credits the team’s recent success to the increase in-depth among his team and also to the increase in upper classmen.

“I could not be happier with the progression we have made this season,” said captain Ashlynn Deese. “Our hard work and dedication so far has put us in a very good position to make it to the post season conference tournament.”

These girls lean on one another on and off the field, which is obviously contributing towards their successes.

“The thing that brought us together to begin with is we all have the same passion and love for the game of soccer,” said co-captain Anna Leah Deese. “We have common goals and aspirations to do well for ourselves and the team as a whole. Through that passion, we’ve created a family like environment.”

Every team appears to be close and tight knit, but the Wolves soccer team has proven to be different. There is a board in the girl’s locker room for stickers. The girls receive them for scoring, assisting or good character. This again encourages improvement and teamwork to better themselves individually and as a team.

On the teams’ off-days, Davidovicz encourages the girls to participate in yoga classes together on campus. The team has a series of steps in place to bring the girls together and get them towards greatness, which they have been working so diligently towards.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to play with each of these women, the outcome of the season is right where we want it: in our hands,” said Ashlyn Deese. “We have come a long way from where we were last year and greater things are yet to come.”



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