UWG Student Organization Spotlight: Sociological Collective

Recently registered with the Center for Student Involvement, the West Georgia Sociological Collective has seen some recent changes. John Belcher was appointed the new president of the organization along with Edrica Ferguson as vice president and professor Emily McKendry-Smith as the advisor.

Being inactive last year on campus, West Georgia Sociological Collective looks forward to a dedicated future ahead of them this year.

West Georgia Sociological Collective is defined as “a student led organization for sociology majors/minors and other students interested in the discipline,” according to the Sociology Department website. “The purpose of the club is to promote intellectual and professional development, cultivate leadership abilities, encourage community service and provide social activities.”

“I’m glad I can be a part and even president of an organization like the West Georgia Sociological Collective,” said Belcher. “I am able to be a part of the beginnings of an organization that students down the road can keep going with as they improve and benefit from the organization.”

Events such as a meet-and-greet are in the works to help kick off the organization’s social activities. These events are to help educate interested students and others on what the organization has planned, how they function and how this organization can be of benefit to them.

To gain more information on the organization, visit the Sociology department website at http://www.westga.edu/sociology. There one can find the constitution of the West Georgia Sociological Collective and more information on the Sociology department and their missions, events and changes.

Students on Facebook can ‘like’ the West Georgia Sociological Collective page. On the page, students and anyone else interested may view pictures, status updates and event updates of community service and other activities the organization is involved with recently and in the near future.



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