UWG Students Study Abroad in Canada

Students interested in studying abroad will find plenty of opportunity at the University of West Georgia. UWG has both short and long term programs that range from ten days to a full year and offers programs for all majors.

Programs are tailored to freshman and sophomore core courses. Programs are also tailored to juniors and seniors that want to take courses specific to their field.

Many of the study abroad programs available are offered in English, so speaking a second language is not required. However, there are multiple programs for students who wish to enhance their language skills and for students wanting to learn a new foreign language.

Hannah Fulmer, junior, studied abroad this summer in Oldenburg, Germany, for two months.

“I would say that the most memorable experience of my trip would have to be just exploring and getting to know Oldenburg,” said Fulmer. “The great thing about the program is that we were there for so long, and we were really able to connect with the town and the community. Apart from the enhancement of my language ability, I gained an appreciation for the similarities between different cultures as well as the differences.”

When Fulmer first went to Germany, she couldn’t help but notice the differences from what she was used to.

“As I became more comfortable and met more people, I realized that the differences were not quite as jarring as I thought,” said Fulmer. “That’s what I think studying abroad is all about–connecting with others and learning that we’re all more alike than we thought.”

Megan Marshall, junior, spent a Maymester in Canada.

“My most memorable moment would have to be spending time in the pubs during hockey season with crazy fans,” said Marshall. “I think it’s extremely important for students to study abroad because it opens up grand perspectives of life. It allows one to experience life differently and ultimately allows students to gain a well-rounded outlook. I gained knowledge of a different country’s food, people and culture. I also learned some similarities between people in general that I didn’t expect.”

UWG senior Jenna Morris spent a Maymester in Canada as well.

“My most memorable experience was the time I spent in Quebec City,” said Morris. “The architecture and culture were absolutely breathtaking.”

When studying abroad, students are able to use the same financial aid that is available to them during the regular school year, whether it is HOPE Scholarship, student loans or Pell Grants. UWG also offers scholarships for students studying abroad.

There will be study abroad programs next year in Italy, Germany, Costa Rica, France and Ireland.

For more information visit www.westga.edu/isp or stop by the International Services and Programs office in Row Hall, room 229.




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