UWG students tackle their fitness goals for 2016

Every New Year, thousands of people set the same New Year’s resolution: lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The challenging part about this is not creating the resolution, but maintaining and keeping the resolution. The months after January are when people fall short of their fitness New Year’s resolutions because they give up or forget.

Sometimes people just need to hear words and advice from others to help push them along the way to achieve their goals. University of West Georgia (UWG) students have made a few New Year’s resolutions themselves. In making theirs, they also wish to give motivation to other students who may be thinking about giving up, or even thinking about a new, New Year’s resolution.



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“When I work out, it makes me feel better overall. If you can motivate yourself to get out there, I can guarantee you will feel better about yourself. You just have to do it.” – Austin Davis

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“You must never give up. Always keep trying and push yourself to succeed. When things become more difficult, you must persevere and push through. It is like climbing a mountain. Everything is difficult at first up until to make it to the top. Then after that everything is a breeze.” – Evyn Jackson

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“I have never really been active until this past year. I just attended my first 5K in January. It was probably one of the most exciting physical activities I have ever done. My goal for myself is to sign up for more races. I plan to run a 10K in March and I am training now for that. My advice to anyone, if you are trying to be more active, is to sign up for a fun run or even a 5K. It is much different than a treadmill. Everyone is very encouraging and it goes by much quicker. You all can do it! Go wolves!” – Cooper Davis

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“When it comes to working out and living better, you can’t make it a New Year’s resolution. This should always be in your life. You must make it a lifestyle to be a better you, not a resolution for only a year. If you do it for a while it will become natural to you.” – Logan Francis

Photo Credit: Erin McSwain



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