Photo Credit: Stephanie Hernandez (The Happy Feminist), Kiarra Thompson (Women of Diversity), Tailor Payton (Delta Sigma Theta), Tia Tuggle (College Girls Rock), Tiffany Lee (Lambda Theta Alpha)

UWG women’s organizations celebrate International Women’s Day



Photo Credit: Stephanie Hernandez (The Happy Feminist), Kiarra Thompson (Women of Diversity), Tailor Payton (Delta Sigma Theta), Tia Tuggle (College Girls Rock), Tiffany Lee (Lambda Theta Alpha)
Photo Credit: Stephanie Hernandez (The Happy Feminist), Kiarra Thompson (Women of Diversity), Tailor Payton (Delta Sigma Theta), Tia Tuggle (College Girls Rock), Tiffany Lee (Lambda Theta Alpha)

College Girls Rock Inc.

College Girls Rock Inc. (CGR) is an organization that encourages women to continue their education past high school. With 115 general body members, CGR reaches out to girls in the Carrollton and Metro Atlanta communities.

In January 2015, they introduced #IAMMORE, a campaign for girls about continuing their education and overcoming statistics. They spoke to girls at Berean Christian Church in Stone Mountain, GA. and at Knowledge is Power Program Metro Atlanta High School in Atlanta, GA.

On Friday, April 15, in the Education building, the organization will have a presentation for about 250 high school girls from five Carroll County schools: Villa Rica, Temple High, Mt. Zion, Bowdon High and Central High. Professors from UWG, Georgia State University and the University of Georgia will speak to them about involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs. It will last from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Rooms 1, 2 and 3.

For International Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8, CGR will set up a tri-fold boardn the grassy triangle in front of the UCC from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The board will inform students about International Women’s Day, and they will also give out ribbons with facts about the day.

“I would like for every woman in College Girls Rock Inc. to know her worth is greater than her struggle, her power is in her beautiful mind and it only takes one life at a time to help strengthen another woman,” President TaNesse Copeland said. “As a woman, the most inspiring thing I admire is the ability to overcome and beat gender stereotypes while being strong, passionate and determined.”


The Happy Feminist

“Our organization is focused on teaching students about feminism,” said Stephanie Hernandez, President of The Happy Feminist (THF). “Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men. This organization is not about being superior to men, but instead about standing up for women worldwide.”

THF formed this semester and currently has 15 members. To celebrate International Women’s Day, they will write encouraging letters to those who experienced sexual assault as part of the Dear Survivor Project.

“Women are given a safe space to talk about their experiences and have both men and women there to support and build each other up,” she said.

When it comes to being a woman, Hernandez said she loved that she can be herself. She can decide what she wants to do, whether it is crying without apology, choosing how to dress, wearing makeup, or having children.

“I am in full control, and there is something very powerful about being a woman,” she said.

Hernandez also wants women in THF to know that all women are different, but should stand together..

“Whatever the case may be, your decisions don’t make you less of a woman,” she said. “We must help and empower each other because only we know about our struggles and pains. I think it’s about time we are on each other’s team.”


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

“The one thing that women in my organization love about being a Delta is sisterhood,” said Brooklyn Dowdy, the President of Delta Sigma Theta.

A historically black sorority consisting of 25 African-American women, Delta Sigma Theta has a mission to make sure women are successful in five areas: physically and mentally, economically, internationally, politically and through education.

“We help the women here at UWG by providing those resources and bringing awareness to issues that concern women,” Dowdy said.

The sorority’s Delta Week or Delta Land, their version of Candy Land, coincides with International Women’s Day. On Tuesday, March 8, they will have Beauty and the Beat, an event geared toward helping women embrace their beauty, in the Campus Center Ballroom at 8:13 p.m. A make-up and fashion designer will be there to give tips.

“I want every woman in my chapter to know that they are [the most] beautiful, ambitious women I know,” she said. “Always know that God has favored and shed light on your life to lead the rest. Be great, be the change, be beautiful.”


Women of Diversity Inc.

“I would like the women on campus, along with our members, to know that they are diverse in multiple ways, and with that, each one of them matters in this world,” said Women of Diversity’s (WOD) President Rachel Bostic.

WOD assists women through fundraisers, community service and other events. As part of community service, they raised money for the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Organization and the American Heart Association. Every year, they also join the Hunger Walk of Atlanta. In addition, WOD has panels, spoken word events and spirit nights at local Carrollton restaurants. During Spirit Night, students come to support WOD and UWG itself; Spirit Night is also a fundraiser for WOD. The money they receive goes to creating more on-campus events.

“All of our events are geared to the promotion of sisterhood and helping women improve their lives,” Bostic said.

WOD has 150 members, including alumnae. Bostic said women like the sisterhood, the love and passion they display and their technique for the organization.

This organization will use their Facebook and Instagram accounts to spotlight women who have made a difference in honor of International Women’s Day and plan to continue this weekly.


Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority

Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA), a multi-cultural sorority, “strives to help other women at UWG by providing support” and “serves as a voice for all women” as mentioned by their President Jahaira Soriano.

“We dedicate our time by developing some events that focus specifically on women empowerment,” Soriano said. “We continuously strive to remind women that they can achieve their goals with dedication and by believing in themselves, no matter where they come from.”

They will have a table event planned for International Women’s Day on the grassy triangle at 1 p.m. in front of the UCC. LTA will ask students trivia questions about International Women’s Day and give out prizes if they get the correct answer.

Annually, they have their own event called “Misconceptions of Minority Women,” where women panelists talk about the stereotypes of their race and how to defy them.

This sorority has 16 members; nine of them are active members while the other seven are alumni. Although their numbers are small, they have made a big difference when it comes to diversity in Greek organizations.

“We are the first sorority to be a part of the Multicultural Greek Council, which is designed for Greek organizations that promote diversity,” Soriano said. “Our sorority is proud to bring diversity to UWG.”

Soriano said their diversity is what women like most about Lambda Theta Alpha. She also stated that they like for others learn about their ethnicities.

“I believe this makes all women feel included and like they can develop a great connection and bond with us,” she said. “I believe women have the best of both worlds. We are able to enjoy the most amazing experiences of life, like being a mother, and we are strongly rising in the ability to also have the career of our choice.”

Soriano wants women to know they that are the Universal Woman, even though that may mean something different to each one.

“A Universal Woman is a hardworking lady that strives to be the best she can be,” she said. “A woman that is courageous and follows her dreams. A universal woman that is prideful and humble about her accomplishments and strives to empower other women to do the same, so we can all be empowered and leave a positive strong imprint in our society.”




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