UWG’s Online Nursing Program Ranked Top

The nursing program here at UWG was recently ranked 34th in the nation for best online nursing programs by RNdegrees.net.

The Masters of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) is a completely online program. It is known for its rigor and competitiveness among students for many reasons. Along with its new additions, the program claims various titles and achievements that highlight why the UWG program is so sought after but students interested in entering the field of nursing.

The program also recently won the Innovation Award for Design and Technology for the construction of the new nursing building.

While the Nursing building still awes those not familiar with it, some of the department’s new features include the brand new building which opened this semester.

Gail Nielsen, a current Master’s Program student, shared her insight and experience with the UWG program.

“I’ve never been to the West Georgia Campus,” said Nielsen. “All students work full time and go to school.” Along with obtaining her master’s degree, she also works full time at Wellstar Health System in Marietta, Georgia. Not having to commute is a privilege for the MSN program students.

“It is a synchronous program,” said Nielsen. “It helps to have the flexibility of less classroom time.” The students engage in the online learning at the same time. Through their online classes, the students participated in lectures, watch videos, and interact with each other through discussion posts and other media outlets.

“Online is the best way to go through this type of program,” said Nielsen. While some may find it difficult to complete a nursing degree through online work, that is not the case with the MSN program. It is more academic based rather than heavy on clinicals. This leaves less reason for needing to meet in the classroom, and more time for research and theory based work.

“A couple of students have attended other online universities and they felt like this was a much richer experience,” said Nielsen.

“UWG professors are really committed to the students and are easy to access,” said Nielsen. “It’s the advice and guidance they offer outside of class.”

Nielsen also addressed the drawbacks that come with a fully online program. “You miss out on the opportunity to form relationships and learn from peers in real time.” Learning through classmates on an online setting is not as interactive as within a classroom, she said.

Along with also working, it becomes difficult for students to stay up till 2 a.m. to make tight deadlines. Nielsen mentioned how having to be available for online lectures and videos are inconvenient time commitments.

The department, however, has been listening to the feedback of the students on wanting less interactive time with the work.

According to RNdegrees.net, the nursing field is an understaffed area. The Nursing program at UWG offers a lot to its students and works to prepare them for in need field.



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