Venturing Through the Mind of Artist Spot Dalgetto

Kenneth Martin is not your regular University of West Georgia student. He is an artist. Under the alias of Spot Dalgetto, he has begun his creative journey.

Martin is an art student with a concentration in film, ultimately wanting to be an art teacher.

“Part of art is teaching and I’ve really gravitated to that idea,” said Martin. “However, teaching is my last step. I have to be an artist first.”

Martin further explained that in order to be an artist, one must express all of themselves while developing their talents.

When asked about what inspires him to create, Martin said, “Everything around me, honestly. If I’m feeling it, if I’m living it, that’s what I put back into what I make.”

There are only a couple of guidelines that Martin said he must follow in order to create: The television must be on for noise purposes, he has to be comfortable and he can’t be in his room. In fact, he said right now he creates the best in his living room.

Martin’s favorite artist is Salvador Dalí, who is most famous for painting. The artist also took part in film, photography and sculpture. Like Dalí, Martin also dabbles in various mediums of art including drawing, painting, graffiti, photography, graphic design and music. To display his talents to the world, he has created his own website, titled

“As far as what it’s supposed to be, it is just a collection of everything I do,” said Martin.

The website allows for him to display several types of works: drawings, photography and music. Right now on the website, you can find his art releases, old creations and his latest collection, titled Janice.

“I did this project in November called Janice,” said Martin.  “It was me building up on a character through a storybook with music. It stretches from childhood to right at this point of our lives now, our early 20s when we’re trying to figure stuff out. ”

Each piece in Janice is accompanied by music. Martin said he selected the songs through a process of finding artists who he has worked with before and learned from, which is very important to him. It also highlights his teaching aspirations.

“I believe that the universe is infinitely bound in deliberate collisions of perfect timing; however, we are not always the ones that learn from our experiences,” said Martin. “We are not the soul benefactors to what we obtain either. Power, love and wisdom pour into us like water to a bucket and when we’re full, the excess spills into others we are in contact with. What you see is what’s in my bucket; this is the resting place of what I gained from the universes of others.”



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