The University of West Georgia is conducting a survey for the university on how well students are engaged with campus life. The survey is called the National Survey of Student Engagement, NSSE, and it is for first year students and graduating seniors. The survey is to see how well students participated in different options and events on campus throughout their years in college.

NSSE is a survey that asks basic questions such as “How was your experience at the University of West Georgia?” It is a 15 minute survey given to the students to see how well the school is doing when it comes to high impact practices. The practices would include different effective learning methods such as the study abroad program. UWG’s system office uses this information to see how well the content is being handle by students and also how available all the resources are to students.

Catherine Jenks, Interim Director of Institutional Research and Planning, is one of the main people who help to administer the survey. She says the survey is to help keep students in school and to make sure the school and students are up to par in the learning and engagement activities.

“We use the results for assessing at the institutional process,” said Jenks.

Once the results are sent to the school, they are looked at and are compared to other schools to see if the institution is successful with engagement or needs to improve.

“If the scores are low in any area they reevaluate to see where the institution can improve,” said Jenks.

The survey was given in 2013 but because of the lack of participation there were some accuracy issues with the results. Jenks encourages everyone who is eligible to take the survey so that the institution can improve the college experience.

The Research and Planning department have put in a lot of work to advertise the survey and bring in more participation.

“To make the students feel more comfortable, we issue a survey to the faculty as well called FSSE to test the same information but on a teaching level,” said Jenks.

The number one way to get students involved is through the teachers and by other students telling one another.

Emails are going out on Feb. 11 for the surveys and in the subject line the email will says, “UWG wants your feedback.” There are going to be posters and flyers around for the students to see and participate. Catherine Jenks would like for all those who are eligible to look out for the marketing.

“If we want to see how we’re doing,” said Jenks. “We need more people to participate in the survey.”



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