What Does Carrollton Still Need?

What would be the essential components to a typical American college town? Aside from the school itself, parties and good bars, what are the things that every college town needs?

Good restaurants? How about a shopping mall? Maybe a bowling alley or another form of entertainment? All of these are certainly good suggestions, but what in particular does Carrollton still lack?

As University of West Georgia students we have all had our fair share of criticism of Carrollton. Often times the criticism is that Carrollton is just too “boring” or that there is “nothing to do.” Now there may be some truth in those claims but in what ways could Carrollton still grow to enhance the college life?

It’s important to first remember that the town of Carrollton itself is not necessarily a college town. Yes, it is the home of UWG but by its very nature Carrollton is still a small southern family town that truly revolves around the local high schools and solid family values.

However, I don’t believe that this means Carrollton can’t be both a small family town and a college town. Carrollton has made a lot of strides in the last few years to accommodate the college students and improve the college atmosphere.

Take for example, Adamson Square, where there have been a few new businesses and restaurants that have opened up in the last few years to accompany the longstanding famous bars and restaurants that were already at Adamson Square, or ‘The Square’ as it is nicknamed.

The Square is a nice place for students to spend their time but it is still a little bit of a drive from campus. It would be a lot better if that type of environment were closer to the school.

Without a doubt the biggest thing that Carrollton still lacks is a good local sports bar that could accommodate the UWG students. Every college town needs a reliable and popular sports bar that college students can go to for the big games and spend some time. Carrollton needs a sports bar that has good size and could become a local hot spot.

I don’t want to go as far as to say something like Buffalo Wild Wings or Taco Mac, but the average sizes of those restaurants would be good for a sports bar in Carrollton. And on top of that it needs to be close to campus. Not a ten-minute drive down the road but somewhere very close to the heart of campus.

UWG students need a place where they can come together and watch big games, pay-per-view UFC fights and other events while also having a good time and enjoying good food and community. It just makes sense. They could pitch the fact that they would air every UWG football game live (and other sports if possible) so that eventually students would know that they could cheer on the Wolves at their local UWG sports bar. It may not mean much now, but a few years down the road it would help create excitement for UWG sports.

There have also been many lobbyers for a bowling alley or laser tag arena. I don’t know how profitable something like that would be or if it would make sense to build that type of place in Carrollton but I will say that Carrollton certainly needs to offer more fun things for college students to do.

Enough with the constant new apartment complexes being built around campus. Instead, build something nearby that will be a good place for college students to spend their time at. UWG students are dying for reasons not to go home on the weekends.

I don’t believe that UWG students are looking for much. We know that this isn’t Athens, Ga. or Auburn, Ala., but there certainly is potential for Carrollton to grow and I know we are all anxious to see what the city will do next to enhance our time and experience here at UWG.



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