World College Radio Day Makes a Scare on Campus

Music echoed through the University of West Georgia campus during College Radio Day last Tuesday. The event promoted college radio worldwide and the UWG station, The WOLF Internet Radio in particular.

Students walking past the grassy triangle near the UCC heard popular tunes and saw live musical performances. Some students even experienced close encounters with monsters from The Folklore Haunted House.

Over the last two years, World College Radio day has brought college radio stations from over 35 countries together. It is one of the fastest growing college media events, uniting student-run radio stations around the world. The event draws attention to college radio on campuses and communities everywhere.

College Radio Day was in full effect on the UWG campus as students from The WOLF Internet Radio worked hard to make the event as live as possible. The event included live music, giveaways, and a festive atmosphere for students to interact with each other and staff members of The WOLF.

The Folklore Haunted House contributed to the scary monster chases that took place during the afternoon session. Some students and faculty were not lucky enough to escape the monsters, including the Chair of the Department of Mass Communications, Dr. Camilla Gant.

Tony Benson was one of the featured deejays during the afternoon session. “I liked being able to compare and contrast the different genres of other places,” said Benson. “This was a great way to bring students together.”

“Students liked the event because it was different,” Benson continued.  “They liked being able to come out and hear music without having have their headphones on.”

People all over the world heard The WOLF at 7 PM when the station was transmitted internationally via webcast.

The hosts did what they called “College Radio Day Confessionals.” Participants were asked two questions: “What does College Radio Day mean to you?” and “What does college radio mean for your life?” The people involved agree that College Radio Day was a positive experience.

The event was chockfull of surprises for everyone. “Everything that happened was unexpected,” said Moran McCall, host of the “Good Vibes” program on The WOLF.

The purpose of the event was to expose students to college radio, hopefully spurring their interests in The WOLF. UWG students on The WOLF’s staff gain crucial on-air experience.

WIT, Wolf in Training, is a program offered to help students gain skills and knowledge necessary for a career in radio. The program is a seven week boot camp offered for any student interested in radio, whether they are a Mass Communications major or not.

The event affirmed what was already obvious—a college radio is an essential part of university life. Staff members of The WOLF enjoyed being able to hear others all over the world who share the same love of radio.

“Radio is not a dying industry,” said McCall. “Everybody doesn’t have this. I don’t take it for granted.”




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