WUTV to launch new website

The University of West Georgia’s television station, WUTV13, will launch their website by the end of January. The website was created by WUTV’s assistant program producer and web editor Melissa Martin. In addition, the website will have features such as “Peoples and Profiles,” “Carroll County Treasures,” an alumni spotlight and a live feed from their Twitter and Facebook pages.

For “Peoples and Profiles,” the show will be about the historical people and places in the community and their impact. The “Carroll County Treasures” will highlight the attractions of Carroll County. People will know where the attractions are located and how they have affected Carroll County. Both shows will start in February and every month there will be a new episode for each show.

The alumni spotlights will show alumni who have succeeded and impacted the community. It will also tell of any upcoming events that the alumni have.

The live feed feature will keep the viewers informed of what is going on in the community and on campus. It will be updated every day.

With the live feed, there will be a question of the week. It will be a trivia question about a current event in the news. The student will be featured on the newscast answering that question. This feature will allow students to connect to the station, even if they do not have a major in Mass Communications.

“My main expectation will be to boost student interaction with WUTV,” said Assistant Program Producer and Web Editor Melissa Martin.

On the website, viewers can also ask for request forms to tour the station and request tape records. The request to tour the station will allow viewers to see the layout of the television station and find out how it functions day-to-day. The tape records will allow viewers to see previous shows.



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