Blaire Hanks Comes to Georgia

The South’s talk of the town, Blaire Hanks, is coming to Rome, GA on March 18 at 9 p.m. at the Brewhouse downtown.  Hanks has made a name for himself over the years as a country music artist and songwriter. From touring across the states, and even being watched on television, Hanks has definitely become successful since his career first began. 

 “I actually moved to Nashville to be more or less a songwriter but the more I had people telling me I should try to perform and be an artist I gave it a shot and realized how passionate I was about it” said Hanks.  

The Florida native, moved to his new city in Nashville in 2011 when he was only 19 years old.  Even though his family is far away, they are always supportive and even join Hanks on the road sometimes. 

 The 2017 tour began on Jan. 13 in Nashville, TN and will continue until May 26 where he will end in Orange Beach, AL. Hanks performs many of his hit songs during the tour, but his favorite thing is seeing the new crowds and fans at each stop. “The fact our crowds are getting bigger and people are finally understanding us and seeing our vision” said Hanks. “Also, playing some new places we’ve never been before!” 

Since his success, Hanks has released two singles and two EPs. His most recent EP titled “Her” made it to #4 on iTunes music charts, as well as #44 on Billboard. He is currently in the process of recording his third album now called “Mixtape.” The most recent song,  “Baby I’m down” hasn’t been released yet, but Hanks says that it is one of his favorites.  
 “It’s such a high-energy song and it really get me and the fans hyped up! Plus, I get to rap in it” said Hanks. 

 The inspiration behind each of these songs all come from Hank’s personal life and the situations he faces every day. “Whether it’s a personal situation I’m dealing with that causes me to just spill truth in my phone notes, or if I build a really cool track first that I think the fans will vibe with I usually try to just do what I feel and not worry about the rules or genre I’m technically in” said Hanks. “If it feels good that’s all that matters.”  

 Each lyric has a deep meaning to him, and he really tell his story to his fans when performing his music. 

 “I just never really thought I would be where I am today so it still blows my mind every day at the fact I’m doing what I’m doing!” said Hanks.  

 This current Southeast tour will be just one of the many more Hanks plans to go on during his career. His road to becoming a country music artist has been successful, and it has only just begun. 



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