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Jannette Emmerick

French Film Festival Goes Beyond the Borders of France

UWG’s annual French Film Festival has four more movies lined up for the Spring Semester, and despite the label of “French,” this year highlights facets of French culture beyond “France.” Hosted by the ILC, the films chosen each hold unique perspectives and languages including but not limited to Catalan, Arabic and German.

UWG Theatre Showcases “Fuddy Meers”

Works of fiction are commonly constructed within specific genres to appeal to the tastes or the mood of the individual. However, genres often blend together, not merely to enhance the plot, but to offer complexity and depth to the story. Dark comedies are known for using humor to tackle heavy and complex issues that may otherwise turn off those who hesitate towards such subject matter.

WIT Embraces Women Entering The Tech Field

When someone is entering an environment as an underrepresented minority, it can prove to be stressful and intimidating. The fear of facing biases and stereotypes can take a toll on one’s confidence in whatever they are doing, potentially leading to poor performance or giving up altogether. However, there is great power in someone knowing that they are not alone. Although being an underrepresented minority in any field or environment presents challenges, when someone has a support system of other minorities who can relate to the challenges, it can make facing them a little easier. 

Ingram Library Reopens and Spotlights Students’ Artwork

At the beginning of this year on Jan. 18, the third floor of the Ingram Library reopened after a long period of undergoing a remodel. With the reopening of the third floor the UWG Art Gallery was once again open to the school. At the beginning of February, multiple art students at UWG had the privilege of displaying their art in the gallery for the Annual Student Exhibition.

Film Race Springs into Action, Sparking Creativity and Competition Aimed at the Big Screen

Students both in and out of the film department will get the opportunity on February 22nd to showcase their own movies this semester to other film students and professors. Later this month, the students can present their movies, documentaries and short films at the UWG Film Race. The film race is an event in which students can express their art. Students gather equipment and make movies for them to get recognition for their underrated talents.