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Oscar Nominations Create Mixed Feelings

Ever since the Academy for Motion Picture Art and Science released this year’s nominations, there has been nothing but mixed reviews about what has been nominated. Throughout 2023, many films and documentaries were praised for their cinematography and performances. Some of the biggest movies, such as Barbie and Oppenheimer instantly became modern-day classics, and set a standard in cinematic history. 

Argylle Film Review: Twisting Into Dumb Fun

Matthew Vaughn makes his return to the spy genre with his latest movie Argylle. Vaughn previously directed all 3 Kingsman movies (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle and The Kings Man). In his previous efforts, Vaughn has given his spy movies a sense of originality. The films are not supposed to be drama ridden like James Bond, but they are also not laugh out loud comedies. Vaughn designates his spy movies to be clever, but still developmental. With Argylle he takes a different approach that did not exactly do things for the better. 

Kevin Hart Shines As Master Art Thief in “Lift”

Kevin Hart is known throughout Hollywood for his comedic persona, which made him the perfect fit for the role of Cyrus Whitaker in the Comedy Action film “Lift.” Cyrus, an internationally known art thief, makes his money illegally by going to art auctions and buying expensive art pieces using money he made from art resales on the Black Market. The action-heist-filled movie was directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Daniel Kunka. It was released on Jan. 12.

“A Sign of Affection” Warms this Cold Spring— A Romance with Sign Language and Cultural Exchange

Amongst the spring anime of 2024, “A Sign of Affection” looks to be the cozy romance of the season for not just anime fans, but also a much wider audience. With its pilot episode airing on Jan. 6 on Crunchyroll, the story follows Yuki, a deaf college-aged girl, and Itsuomi, a trilingual backpacker who spent a good portion of his life living in Germany and visiting many different countries.

Monsoon: Athens’ Most Iconic Rock Duo

In the music world, a traditional rock band consists of at least four members. A singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer. Although this setup is common, famous bands such as The White Stripes, The Black Keys and The Kills have established that just two people can be as powerful as a fully equipped band. Creating and performing music as a duo is hard work, and truly iconic two-piece bands are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Monsoon, an introspective power-punk pair from Athens, Ga., has accepted this challenge and proven that it only takes two.