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“The Toxic Avenger” Closes UWG Theatre’s “Resistance is Futile” Season

On April 17th the UWG Theatre Department opened their production of “The Toxic Avenger,” a rock musical adaptation of the 1985 film by the same name. The musical, directed by Shelly Elman, was a fantastic close to their “Resistance is Futile” season dedicated to the late Alan Yeoung-Marcello. The audience was constantly erupting in laughter and the small cast only added to the intimacy and the humor of it all. 

Netflix’s Scores with “The Beautiful Game” a Feel-Good True Story 

The Homeless World Cup, founded in 2001, is an annual international soccer tournament that brings together teams of people who have experienced homelessness from around the world. The tournament aims to use the sport to empower participants, raise awareness about homelessness and promote social inclusion. Participants in the Homeless World Cup come from diverse backgrounds and have faced various challenges, including addiction, poverty and marginalization. This hidden gem of a social organization served as the source of inspiration for a newly released sports drama.

Monkey Man Packs a Punch Across Theaters

Star actor Dev Patel made his directorial debut with “Monkey Man.” Produced by horror director Jordan Peele, Patel’s film tells an amazing revenge story about a man who is out to kill the man that murdered his mother. The title comes from the character’s identity. When he was young, Kid learned about an Indian legend named Hanuman who was a Hindu legend that was part monkey, part man. The story inspired Kid. 

“Invincible” Season Two Rejuvenates Genre Amongst “Superhero Fatigue”

The second season of “Invincible” is the highly anticipated continuation of Amazon Prime’s popular animated superhero show. Based on the long-running comic book series created in 2003 by Robert Kirkman, the show’s second season drives viewers deeper into the convoluted and turbulent life of Mark Grayson, aka Invincible (Steven Yeun), as he learns to cope with the emotional and physical wounds he sustained after his confrontation with his supervillain father, Omni Man (J.K. Simmons) at the end of the first season. 

Career Services Opens Up “Career Closet” so Student Can Dress to Impress

The way a person chooses to dress plays a role in the impression that person makes on others. Attire can significantly influence how someone is perceived, whether it be in a professional setting, a social event or even just everyday interactions. A well-put-together and appropriate outfit may not only boost one’s confidence but also convey professionalism and respect for the situation at hand.

“Civil War” Tips It’s Cap to the World of Photojournalism

Successful suspense thriller writer and director Alexander Garland has released his fourth film “Civil War”. Civil War is about a post-apocalyptic world where, due to a lack of good leadership, has caused the United States to break apart. California and Texas have formed an alliance called the Western Forces. They have one goal, kill the president and anyone that gets in their way.

UWG Student Becomes Finalist at International Collegiate Marketing Conference

The American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference (AMA ICC) wrapped up its annual convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. April 11-13 was a weekend of showing off participating UWG students’ strategic excellence at the conference featuring over 2,000 students worldwide. UWG was recognized by having Senior Marketing Major Jacey Coleman represented as a finalist in the sales marketing competition.