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WOLF Radio Offers Opportunities For Students to Thrive

Since 1981, Media Day has been the biggest event for the UWG’s School of Communication, Film and Media. The event is meant to encourage Mass Communication majors and any other students interested in a media career to learn about how to succeed in the industry. On Mar. 6 the 42nd annual Media Day will take place.

UWG SCFM 42nd Media Day: A Gateway to Success and Growth for Aspiring PR Professionals

PR and media-oriented professionals are invited Wednesday, Mar. 6 in the Campus Center from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It will be a day you don’t want to miss. The UWG School of Film and Media will hold its signature event, the 42nd annual Media Day. Public Relations Associate Professor Kelly Williams, an alumni and current professor at UWG, is coordinating this event. Over fifty companies and experts will be present to advise on the tools students need to become successful PR and media professionals.

SCFM Presents the 42nd Annual Media Day

The School of Communication Film and Media at UWG kicks off the 42nd annual Media Day on March 6. This event will be held in the Campus Center at 10 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. will allow SCFM students to get connected, network and discover new opportunities in media.

The Homage Exhibit Honours the Black Experience Throughout History

The travelling Black history museum, Homage, on Feb 19 with their exhibit, Black Life History and Culture was displayed in honour of Black history Month. The museum was open to the public. The Homage Exhibit focuses on African American history and culture, aiming to highlight the Black experience in the United States from the era of slavery to contemporary times.

The Ultimate Family Reunion Cookout Concludes Black History Month

When it comes to inclusion and representation, the University of West Georgia ensures that students of all different cultures and backgrounds feel like they are seen and respected, putting on events targeted to specific demographics. Feb. 29, the Ultimate Family Reunion concluded Black History Month this year and it gives African American students a chance to celebrate in a fun and imaginative way.

French Film Festival Goes Beyond the Borders of France

UWG’s annual French Film Festival has four more movies lined up for the Spring Semester, and despite the label of “French,” this year highlights facets of French culture beyond “France.” Hosted by the ILC, the films chosen each hold unique perspectives and languages including but not limited to Catalan, Arabic and German.