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Tailgating: Some Kind of Fun For Everyone

Tailgating is a place where alumni and football fans in the area can participate in the college football tradition, involve their children, or meet up with old college friends prior to the game. However, tailgating can even be fun for the casual fan, a group of students wanting to show their school spirit, or even someone wanting to try something new. 

Come on, Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

Barbie was the movie of the summer. The star-studded comedy-drama debuted on July 21st in theaters all around the world. This bright and colorful film follows Stereotypical Barbie and her friend Ken as they live in Barbieland. However, when strange things start happening to Stereotypical Barbie, they must journey to the Real World.

“Heartstoppers” Season 2: Accurately Depicts Mental Health on Netflix

Netflix’s “Heartstoppers” Season 2 stands out as a beacon of realism in a world where entertainment frequently sensationalizes drama and romance while shedding awareness on the crucial issue of mental health. This well-liked British series, which is based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, returns with a moving timely examination of the difficulties young people confront.

45th Annual Gold Rush Festival: The History of Villa Rica

On Sept. 8 and 9, the City of Villa Rica will hold their 45th annual Gold Rush Festival in the heart of the city.  The event sheds light on not only the current residing citizens but also its past residents and rich historical events that took place a little under two centuries ago.

Underground Books: Still Cozy and Alive

Amidst the charming streets of Carrollton, Georgia, a vibrant tapestry of local businesses contributes to the city’s distinctive character. Three years after the pandemic, Josh Niesse, Co-owner of Underground Books, shares insights into the bookstore’s history, distinctive offers and strong ties to the city.