UWG Vogue Academy Showcases Student Talent at Couture Galore Fashion Show

At the University of West Georgia, there are many ways for students to express themselves. The campus and student organizations guarantee that every student on and off campus can share their loves and interests. One organization that gives students the chance to express themselves artistically is the UWG Vogue Academy, with its first Couture Galore taking place this semester. The Vogue Academy presents a fashion show once a semester with creative and unique themes, and this year’s theme allows students to express their fashion sense and modeling talent. 

The Carrollton Writers Guild Presents: BookFest 2024

Carrollton Center for the Arts is hosting its annual BookFest, a literary event packed full of presentations from award-winning and local authors as well as several writing workshops on April 6 and 7. This event will be discounted for University of West Georgia students, providing the perfect opportunity for future writers to interact with professionals and learn more about literary arts. 

Summer Beach Project Provides Community in Both Spiritual and Career-based Journeys

Balancing a strong faith commitment with working a full-time job can be difficult. The demands of work often clash with the need for spiritual practices, creating a struggle to prioritize one over the other. Finding time for prayer, meditation or religious obligations may prove to be a challenge amid the hustle and bustle of the workday. Additionally, navigating ethical dilemmas in the workplace that may conflict with religious beliefs adds another layer of complexity.