Escape Woods and Stranger Things

     Escape Woods is an outdoor escape room and the home of three Stranger Things scenes located on Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs.
     Sleepy Hollow Farm has been a part of the Powder Springs community for almost 40 years and is open year round. The farm owners introduced the concept of outdoor escape games to their 60 acres of land about two and a half years ago. The farm features many activities for people of all ages to do, from pumpkin patches to corn mazes to escape games. Currently, there are Halloween themed games available such as “The Clown: Big Top Terror” and “The Cabin: Fun House Massacre.”
    “Every year for the Halloween season when people want to do something a little more scary and intense we do release some scarier games,” says Brad Kimmel, one of the owners of Sleepy Hollow Farm. “This year we have three new games that we launched for the October season. Sometimes the October games become year round games if they’re popular enough.”
     One of the popular games, “The Cabin,” started as an October game and became such a hit that they decided to keep it around for two years. Recently, the theme of that game was changed as it has been around for a while. Kimmel explained that they do change the clues around occasionally in the games so that people can play it again without feeling they already know the answers.
     “We bought a huge piece of property on the back side of our property about five years ago, so we started doing a corn maze and pumpkin patch too,” says Kimmel. Stranger Things was also filmed on our property, so we do some tours of some of those locations on special nights.”
     The Stranger Things tours have been such a hit at the Escape Woods that they are almost sold out for the season. The tours have been selling out extremely fast, and only a few tickets remain for the October dates. For fans of the show, they will be able to recognize some landmarks at the farm that were included in the show.
    “Merrill’s Pumpkin Patch is in our pumpkin patch,” says Kimmel. “If you’ve seen the show, all the rotted pumpkins were filled on our property. There’s a scene where Hopper walks through the corn maze and gets scared by a crow. That was also on our property. The final spot of the tour is Hopper’s cabin in the woods.”
     Aside from giving Stranger Things tours, there is an escape game available for fans to play at the farm. While the game is themed after the show, people who have never watched it before can still enjoy the escape game without needing knowledge of the show.
     “The game is called ‘The Bunker: Stranger Things at Hawkins Lab’,” says Kimmel. “That one has become one of our more popular games since there are a lot of Stranger Things fanatics out there. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll appreciate the game clues.”
     Sleepy Hollow Farm and Escape Woods is the perfect Halloween destination, located just outside the Atlanta area. Anyone looking for a scary thrill with a little bit of mystery can check out the different games available for the season. Once October passes, keep an eye out for Sleepy Hollow Farm to begin selling their annual Christmas trees.



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