Kehlani Returns to Music with While We Wait

The Oakland singer Kehlani recently dropped her highly anticipated mixtape While We Wait  

This mixtape comes after a two-year hiatus from recording music of her own. Kehlani gives her fans a step inside what has been happening in her world. Similar to a roller coaster ride, this mixtape will have its listeners emotions up and down.  

 While We Wait is a mix of smooth soul, upbeat rhythms and pure, rhythmic lyrics noted for tugging at the heartstrings. The song “Footsteps” takeon a balance of trying to have the person you care for find their way back to you. Kehlani lets listeners know that the dynamic is between the singer and a fellow lover. “And when you walked away, I left footsteps in the mud so you can follow me”. These lyrics make it clear for the listener to understand that there is a path being set for the lover to return back.  

 This is Kehlani’s fourth musical project and her third mixtape since SexySweetSavage The mixtape has only been out on streaming services for a week and is already sitting at number 54 on the top albums on Itunes. With only nine tracks included on the mixtape, there was only slight room for features of the songs. The song “Nights Like This” includes rapper Ty Dolla Sign bringing in a slow, simple rap.  

 With a slow, resonating, beat, the song takes listeners to a place where they may have spent a fun-filled night with a lover. This song, along with other songs on the mixtape, shows listeners the vulnerability of the singer.  The listener is able to hear the pain in the singer’s voice while having to describe the love that was lost throughout the relationship. 

There are no specifics to the reasoning behind the name of the album, so it is up to the listeners to determine what is trying to be conveyed.  There is some speculation that the mixtape could be named that because there could be an album on the way. But from start to finish this mixtape was dually anticipated by many fans.  

 While the mixtape is R&B based it also falls into the category of Soul. Kehlani has previously mentioned how some of her influences are Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott. These women are noted as having a Neo-Soul of music and Kehlani follows in the footsteps of her idols.  

 If you are looking to listen to some songs pertaining to trying to suppress your feelings for a lover, or realizing that you could be falling for someone, the While We Wait mixtape is for you. Even if you are not looking for songs to strictly relate to, the mixtape still provides a smooth listen for anyone who is open. Regardless of if you have listened to Kehlani’s music before or not, she definitely gives listeners the emotional ride of their lives. From the beginning of the mixtape until the end, listeners will be able to gain at least one new favorite song by Kehlani.  



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