The Hottest New Radio Show at UWG: The Crew Out West

Controversial topics on talk radio have risen significantly within the past few years. As more platforms are opening up for people to express their thoughts and feelings about certain issues it has become easier for people to create their own shows. In late February, three UWG students started their own morning show called Crew Out West. 

         These students were able to accomplish this by working with the WOLF Internet Radio, a student ran internet radio station at UWG. Popular shows that are featured on this platform include Girl Talk, Man Cave Monday, and Chick Chat. 

          Crew Out West is hosted and ran by Bishop, Ethan “Big E” Orphe, and Christy J. They talk about topics that some may say are sensitive or controversial.  

          This show could be comparable to popular radio morning shows such as Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Ricky Smiley Morning Show, or Hot 97 radio show. Crew Out West discusses trending topics, life experiences and sex from a college students’ perspective. 

          Ethan Orphe is a junior at UWG and calls the show “Bishops brainchild.” Bishop is a senior at West Georgia and the creator of the show. He describes the show as a comedic-commentary internet radio show.  

          “I wanted to provide laughter to our college listeners,” said Bishop. “We discuss trending topics while using improv jokes and satire for entertainment.” 

          The show airs every Monday at 9 a.m. and features a new special guest every week. 

          “There’s no holding back, this show is raw and real,” said Orphe. 

          This wasn’t an easy journey for the three hosts. Each of them participated in a program called WIT that the Wolf Internet Radio started as an opportunity for students to learn more about how to start their own radio show or podcast with the hopes of creating one with them. 

          “I’ve learned so much about the radio industry in these few months it’s crazy,” said Kelli Billison, senior at UWG and current participant in the WIT program. “This is such a cool program. I encourage anyone interested in radio to join.” 

          Utilizing the first amendment right to free speech while also expressing themselves through creativity is something that a lot millennials are now doing. While the show is still very new the hosts hope that it gains even more popularity. 



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