Zombieland is Back: More Horror, More Hijinks

Ten years after the original, Zombieland: Double Tap brings back the old characters the audience loved plus some new ones for this exciting sequel. The goofy humor that filled the first movie is still apparent in the sequel, although it’s hard to beat the original 2009 film. 

Zombieland: Double Tap opens up with all of the known characters taking refuge in the White House a decade after the first movie was released. The crew has managed to stay safe this entire time, now living in their zombie-proof mansion and doing whatever they please. Although everything seems perfectly fine for our favorite zombie killers, there are a few issues they have to try and overcome.  

The goofy Colombus (Jesse Eisenberg) and sarcastic Witchitaw (Emma Stone) have been together ever since the first movie and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) craves to leave the mansion to meet friends her own age, which is hard to do under the protection of fatherlike Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). The girls eventually find themselves at a breaking point, leaving the mansion and trying to make it on their own without Colombus or Tallahassee, which is where the movie starts to pick up.  

While the crew is having their conflict inside their zombie-free walls, problems out in Zombieland are starting as well. Our narrator Colombus explains to the audience about the three different types of Zombies: the Homers, which are extremely dumb and useless, the Hawkings, which are very smart and calculated, and the Ninjas, the quiet and deadly ones. Although our characters think they have a grip on the zombies, a new one is introduced through the film. A new type of zombie that has evolved to be stronger, faster, and harder to kill. We have to see our characters trying to maneuver their way through this brand new zombie-ridden world. 

The returning cast all did a great job of bringing back the same energy that the original Zombieland had. The cast was full of energy and excitement, the new faces even being up to par. Our fresh faces for this sequel are airhead Madison (Zoey Deutch) and the tough Elvis-loving Nevada (Rosario Dawson). Both characters were funny in their own ways, but Madison was one of the highlights of this sequel. Madison’s character is a daft blonde who made it this far in Zombieland by living in the freezer of a frozen yogurt store. Her goofy and brainless jokes were an audience favorite and brought back the goofy spirit of the first film. Although her character is the stereotype of the early 2000’s dumb blonde, Deutch makes the character likable and hilarious, making the audience forgive the movie for the overplayed stereotype. 

There was no way this sequel could compare to the 2009 cult classic. But with the bar being pretty low, Zombieland: Double Tap captivated the audience once again with the same characters that drew us in for the original. For a sequel that didn’t necessarily have to happen, Zombieland: Double Tap brings returning fans a new and hilarious sequel that will be sure to knock them dead. 



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