Make a Difference: Peer Mentor for Project Wolves

Project Wolves is the university’s post-secondary education program offered to students with intellectual disabilities, and many students are unaware it even exists. 

Students in the program enroll for two years and the curriculum increases their independence going into their adult lives while enjoying many of the fun social aspects of college life. The primary focus of the program for students are academic and social development, employment skills, self-advocacy skills and independent living skills.  

The University of West Georgia is one of nine accredited colleges in the state that offer this type of program through the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities. This allows disabled students all over Georgia the opportunity to get a college experience that was not possible before. Other participating universities include Kennesaw State, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia.  

Project Wolves is always eager for student volunteers regardless of what they have to offer. The program has students enrolled with all different personalities and interests, and the lifelong friendships they develop are one of the most exciting parts about their time here. Peer mentors can be undergraduate or graduate students and they act as a guide and a friend to these students. This can include anything from homework help and a walk to class or even catching a UWG football game together and cheering on the team at University Stadium. Peer mentoring is also eligible for receiving volunteer and community service hours. 

Image courtesy of UWG

This statewide effort towards inclusion in education speaks volumes for Georgia as a whole. The program has been a long time coming, and is only possible through the hard work and donations of many. Historically, students with disabilities have not been provided all the tools they need to succeed and Project Wolves is the University’s effort to rewrite that narrative. 

Students who are interested in making a difference and becoming a peer mentor can find out more information at or email 

If you know anyone in Georgia who might be interested in enrolling a student in Project Wolves or a similar program please refer them to 



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