Review: The Return of Lindsay Lohan in “Falling For Christmas”

After years out of the limelight dealing with difficult times personally and professionally Lindsay Lohan has returned for a major role inFalling for Christmas,” a Netflix romantic comedy, just in time for the holidays.

This holiday romance tells the story of a young, engaged heiress, Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan), discovering herself days before Christmas after a skiing accident with her fiancé, Tad (George Young) and a bout of amnesia. With the help of Jake Russel (Chord Overstreet), North Star cabin owner, she goes through a series of events that help her figure out who she is outside of a wealthy world.

Sierra was set to take over as vice president of her father’s company. She knew she wasn’t ready but as an heiress, it was her duty. Tad, an obsessive social media influencer, constantly documents his daily life, so she was immersed in the life of fame and fortune.

Tad proposed to Sierra one morning while they were snowmobiling but the ring was too large and appeared to be mostly for show for his followers. A moment later, the ground rumbled as she accepted the proposal and the two were separated, with Sierra falling off the cliff and her new fiancé falling into another area of the forest.

She awoke in a hospital bed with no recollection of who she once was and Jake came to her rescue, changing her perception of what love and Christmas should be. During this time, she relearned basic tasks such as making a bed and doing laundry while staying at the North Star. She was not only rediscovering herself, she also became an important figure in Jake’s daughter’s life, Avy, as she had recently lost her mother.

Just as Jake helped Sierra find her way, she also returned the favor. The North Star was experiencing financial difficulties so she persuaded Jake to host a Christmas party in order to potentially receive donations. The party went well until Sierra was discovered by Tad and her father after days of not knowing where she was. This would be good news for her family but not for the growing love story between Jake and Sierra.When word got out that the famous Sierra Belmont was staying at the North Star, their business skyrocketed.

It was expected, as in many corny Christmas movies, for the couple to go through a stage where they hide their feelings for one another and one threatens to leave. However, at the end they eventually realize they are in love.

The realistic actions of the characters and how they affect real relationships set this film apart from others. Tad’s obsession with social media caused him to overlook what was right in front of him, just as Gen Z does today when they rely on social media.

Falling for Christmastakes a different approach to Christmas films by using social media influencers and demonstrating how excessive this distraction can be. They reverse this notion throughout the film, presenting how Christmas should look and feel without the pressure of “followers.”

Sierra was able to distinguish between fame and the valuable things in life after being exposed to what the world had to offer outside of the media. From the Christmas lights to the music, this film embodied holiday spirit and joy.

This film was a great way for Lindsay Lohan to ease her way back into the public’s eye. It brought a unique perspective into Christmas films that may surprise other viewers. For those who enjoy romantic, sappy films, this is the holiday movie for you.



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