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Students Take on Greek Grind

Homecoming is the perfect time for students and alumni to come together to support our UWG Wolves. The week of homecoming holds events throughout, including events involving Greek life. On Oct. 20, UWG held an event called Greek Grind. This event involves different sororities and fraternities pairing up and competing against other paired groups in a dance battle. Each pair will be given a certain theme or genre of music to dance to. 

At the beginning of this event, the announcer Faith Bryant, introduced the judges and their association with UWG. The first team to compete was Alpha Xi Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha. Their theme was country music. Their dance was well put together and got the crowd into it. They incorporated songs such as Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins and Dixieland Delight by Alabama.

The second team to compete were Sigma Kappa and Phi Delta Theta. Their theme was a neon rave.
The third team was Kappa Delta and Chi Phi; their theme was disco. This team presented a very fun presence. They were well prepared. The girls wore black shorts with gold beaded skirts over them. The guys wore nice black pants and white button ups.
Team four was Phi Mu and Kappa Alpha; their theme was rock and roll. They had on matching shirts that said rock and roll.
Team five was Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Nu; their theme was pop culture. This team wore grey sweatpants with cute ball caps on. This team incorporated some challenging dance moves.
Team six was Delta Zeta and Tau Kappa Alpha; their theme was alternative.
Finally, the last team to compete was Chi Omega and Sigma Chi. Their theme was also alternative.

Photo Courtesy of The University of West Georgia

“We prepared for this dance for a while which was fun because it meant I got to spend more time with my sisters and help us grow closer,” said Kayla Amburn, a Kappa Delta member. These teams prepared for weeks in order to ensure that they had the best dance routine. After everyone was finished competing, the judges then sat down and had to decide who the winner would be. As the anticipation built, music was being played and students all around were dancing and having a good time with friends. 

The winner of Greek Grind was Alpha Xi Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha. However, they won by only one point. Coming in second place we had Kappa Delta and Chi Phi. “When we found out we only lost by one point we were a little frustrated but at the same time we were excited because we knew both teams were just that good,” said Amburn.
“It was fun to create a dance for others to watch and grow with my sisters in the process,” said Ally Meacom, a Sigma Kappa contestant. “I am sad that it is my senior year and that was my last time to compete,” said Meacom.
Finally in third place we had Alpha Gamma Delta. 

This event was a great way to kick off homecoming weekend and it was also a great way for students to engage with one another. After the winners were announced the annual homecoming bonfire was lit. Students stood around talking and getting to know each other for quite a while.



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