A YouTube Series Dedicated to Restaurants in Carrollton

     University of West Georgia graduate–Darryl Patton, knows a thing or two about finding the perfect spot to satisfy your taste buds. During his junior year Patton created a series on YouTube called “Where in Carrollton.”
     Dedicated to reviewing restaurants in Carrollton this series presents a way for the community to connect over food and see behind the scenes of their favorite spots. Patton’s love for food and adventure inspired this year-long project.
      “I decided to do it because at the time I was still new to Carrollton and I wanted to know the whereabouts of good food, good adventure and good drinks so I decided to just film my adventure of me finding out what’s out there,” Patton said.
     Assisted by his camera crew, Patton explores numerous good eats in Carrollton in addition to a few activities people can participate in.
     “Where In Carrollton” has six episodes that focus on two or three different restaurants with each episode ranging about 20 minutes each. Some of the restaurants featured include Little Hawaiian and Samba Loca located in downtown Carrollton.
      In each episode Patton tastes various dishes and gives details about the flavors he’s experiencing and the overall quality of the dish.
     “I love to eat so tasting the dishes was my favorite part. It is the whole point of the show. I wanted to make sure each episode was personable so I made sure to really express what I thought about each dish.” said Patton.
     Viewers will get a chance to see behind the scenes of how their dishes are made and the craftsmanship put into them before they hit the table. Patton interviews various chefs and customers in each restaurant to get their opinion. Patton even interviews the owners giving viewers a chance to learn about the origins of the restaurants.
      “It was hard work coordinating the show as well as being a full-time student and working a full-time job, but it was definitely worth it,” said Patton. “I am truly grateful for the experience and the connections I’ve met during this first season. I’m glad I was able to show what Carrollton has to offer and show it on a platform that is accessible to anyone. I plan on using this experience to create an even bigger platform dedicated to food and adventure.”



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