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Alt Rock band “Acid Dad” Rocks the Stage at Shaky Knees

Many upcoming bands dream of performing at large venues, touring with well-known bands or even performing at a music festival. This dream came true for alternative rock band “Acid Dad”, a band that has been making music since 2016. “Acid Dad” had a rocky start (no pun intended) and began building their own publishing studio in 2020.

“We built it sort of fast and then didn’t use it a lot,” said guitarist and vocalist Sean Fahey. “[We were] all afraid to hang out because of COVID-19.”

“We started to rebuild it again and we built it really, really good,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Vaughn Hunt. “It flooded. Now we’re on Studio number 11. We’re still waiting on parts because it’s a whole supply chain thing but it’s cool. Our studio is wherever we are, you know?”

The band has been touring since the beginning of February starting in New York, their home state. “Acid Dad” has enjoyed their tour this year so far.

“Tour is always fun,” said drummer Trevor Mustoe. “No matter what level you’re at, from the first tour to whatever festival you’re playing at, you’ll always have a good time. You’re on the road, playing music with your best friends and eating Cookout.”

The Shaky Knees music festival was not their first festival as a band but it has been their highlight of their tour this year. “Acid Dad’ played at the Levitation Music Festival in Austin, Texas. They have also played at the Kaaboo music festival that takes place in Dallas, Texas.

“We have been practicing a lot and really dialing a new sound,” said Hunt. 

  The band members get along well and have enjoyed playing together, touring the country. They have been looking forward to their performance at Shaky Knees. “Acid Dad” performed on the Criminal Records stage at the music festival. They drew in a large crowd with more than 250 festival attendees watching their set. Their performance was well received by the crowd, as well as us from the West Georgian. It was very enjoyable with the stage presence they held.

“[Shaky Knees] has been great,” said Hunt. “They take care of us.”

“Acid Dad’ is working on new music that will be released later this year.

“We have a lot of new stuff we’ve been working on and especially in the new studio,” said Mustoe. “We’re doing a lot more visual stuff, videos and 3-D renderings. We’re going to be exploring a lot this summer.” 



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