ATLiens Transports the Tabernacle on Space Cathedral Tour

The Tabernacle faced its biggest threat yet last weekend. The city’s staple music venue hosted The Space Cathedral tour which nearly brought the building down with bass. Atlanta native DJs ATLiens along with supporting artists He$h, Space Wizard, Calcium and others brought a night of dubstep that won’t be forgotten. 

This sold-out hometown event was the third stop on The Space Cathedral tour to promote headliner ATLiens newest EP. While the mystical duo has been DJing since 2012, they have recently taken off as a household name performing at festivals such as Lost Lands and Imagine and headlining their own shows. The pair are known for their avatars dressed in black hoodies and silver face masks with red LED lights for eyes, concealing their true identity. They never speak, both on and off the stage, letting their wompy bass do the talking for them. 

Jkyl & Hyde opened the night, priming the crowd with classic EDM bangers and their own remixes. The rest of the openers consisted of back-to-back (B2B) DJs, leaving two performers on the stage at all times. Following Jkyl & Hyde was Atlanta’s up and coming Drinkurwater who snatched the controls from partner Space Wizard. While B2Bs are traditionally supposed to be a benevolent collaboration, the two DJs toggled from fighting over the mixer to jamming out with each other. This odd co-production made for some choppy bass that the crowd definitely noticed. The two DJs’ visual artists went back and forth, contrasting between Drinkurwater’s cartoon-like animation and Space Wizard’s spacey, fantastical style. This B2B felt like a battle more than a cooperation. 

Longtime collaborators He$h and Calcium grabbed the board next, going back-to-back with enough riddim to sway the building. He$h frequently encouraged mosh pits in the general admission crowd right below the stage, as is characteristic of his sets. This high energy continued into ATLiens set, opening with their classic emergency broadcast warning of multiple unidentified objects entering the earth’s atmosphere. The pair wordlessly entered the stage and got the party started. 

The performance was everything that fans want from ATLiens. Their characteristic unnerving, intense visuals, heavy wobbles and womps complimented beats with both trance and trap style rhythms. If any DJs were to represent Atlanta’s EDM scene, it’s this duo. The synergy between the two was unmatched, with each DJ taking turns to hype up the crowd and control the mixer. There was not a single lull during the set. Everyone in the audience matched the intergalactic vibe that the DJs were giving off. From the pit to the nosebleeds there was not a blasé raver in sight. 

As a first time Tabernacle visitor, I did not know what to expect from the venue. Now I can say that this might be the best music house in Atlanta. The event was organized, the staff was welcoming and helpful and the drinks were poured heavily. The venue was charming and full of rich music history while still being clean and refined. The space is still small enough to feel intimate with the audience and performers, but large enough to house various areas for guests to spread out and feel comfortable. There is a special vibe at the Tabernacle I have yet to feel anywhere else. 



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