Campus Outreach: Spreading the Gospel

Campus Outreach hosted their first meeting of the spring 2019 semester, Jan. 22 in Bonner Lecture Hall. 

Campus Outreach is a network of Christian organizations that provides ministry services to college students all throughout the world. Founded in 1978 at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama Campus Outreach envisioned a ministry to have an influence on college students. 

“Our weekly meetings are every Tuesday at eight; they’re just an hour long and very fun,” said Jef Fluevog, Campus Outreach staff member.  

Fluevog has been a staff member for Campus Outreach for over a year now and he is pleased with the meetings’ attendance since he has joined.  

“Our meetings have a laid back setting where we allow students to come and learn who Jesus is,” said Fluevog. “First we start with a testimony share, then we play fun games, after that we have a speaker give a good sermon of a particular message. Last, we break out into discussion groups where we discuss what we learned.”  

There are five UWG Campus Outreach staff members: Tyler Rollason, Zarah Spraggins, Rachel Wiggins, Beau Dugan and Jef Fluevog. Fluevog gave Campus Outreach a try during his late years enrolled at UWG, where he says he truly heard the gospel for the first time.  

“I believe God led me to my first Campus Outreach meeting to help myself find who I am in Christ, and led me to people who loved me enough to teach me the true meaning of salvation,” said Fluevog.  

Campus Outreach offers more than just weekly meetings for students. They also provide group events throughout the year where students can come and meet other students on and off campus. 

The biggest event Campus Outreach conducts every year is their Summer Beach Project. The project for 2019 is set for May 29- July 24. The project provides an opportunity for college students to participate in a summer of Christian training that will prepare them to walk with the Lord for a lifetime. 



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