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Cute but Cocky

UWG alumni, Nikkita Gordon, will be launching her business Cute & Cocky Feb. 26.  

Cute & Cocky designs firearm accessories and apparel for gun owners. Right now it has a patent pending sew-in retention system and its patent pending hoodie. The idea came to Gordon when she was followed by a man on the way home from work one night. 

“One night this man followed me home from work,” said Gordon. “I didn’t have nothing on me and I was like ‘dang what do other women carry?’ I was so young and didn’t get to this stage thinking about that.”  

After the experience, Gordon decided to research where she was able to have guns in the area and designed her own retention system. This system is discrete and is nothing more than an altercation to one’s clothes. This makes it easy and safe for users to carry.  

“After I did the research about where we can carry and how we can carry I found out you can carry anywhere,” said Gordon. “I’m always wearing business wear and needed it on me at all times. So, I designed a retention system for my blazers. it is undetectable and you wouldn’t even know.” 

 Gordon also decided to design her own hoodie so she, and other women, can feel safe while in business wear and also while dressing comfortably or out on a run. 

 “It allows me to feel safe when I am out running or on campus at night,” said Gordon. “I felt that the hoodie was the best option. If you’re not in business attire then you are in something comfortable.” 

 After Gordon had formed a product that made her feel safe she saw a need to turn it into a business. With sexual assault cases on and off of campus, she decided she was going to try and push her product so she could potentially help other women.  

 “I feel like women are more vulnerable to sexual assault on campus,” said Gordon. “I am a woman myself so I most definitely want to put women into a situation where they can defend themselves and be prepared to prevent any crime against themselves.” 

 While the product’s initial design is for women, it can be used by anyone. It is able to hold firearms, stun guns and pepper spray. Her product is still in the early days but it has already gotten some notoriety.  

 Cute & Cocky has been working with local gun range Shot Spot and has been in contact with the local police force even having criminal investigator wear the product on the job. The biggest accomplishment for Cute & Cocky though is its invitation to Shot Show in Las Vegas, one of the biggest gun shows in the country. 

 “I was introduced to kinda everyone in the industry related to gun holsters, guns, and ammo,” said Gordon. “I got to meet the people that would technically be my competitors in the industry. Their response was that they loved the brand name. They love what I’m doing.” 

 Cute & Cocky’s launch will take place at the Burson Center but will primarily run online.  



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