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Denzel Washington Is Back with ‘The Little Things’

The last Denzel Washington movie was produced two and a half years ago. Now a new one has reached the big screen. On Jan. 29, The Little Things starring Denzel Washington premiered on HBO Max as well as debuted in theaters. Denzel fans were yearning for the movie and expected it to live up to its hype, especially since it was the first Warner Brothers title of 2021. Let’s just say The Little Things was needed to bring a little excitement into people’s lives during these tough times. 

In The Little Things there’s a local deputy sheriff named Joe “Deke” Deacon, played by Denzel Washington and a detective named Jimmy Baxter, played by Rami Malek. The year is 1990 and there is a serial killer on the loose that is torturing and murdering women in the Los Angeles area. Sheriff Joe and Detective Jimmy decide to work on the case together to find the serial killer. After more women are found dead, Sheriff Joe and Detective Jimmy start to narrow down their suspects and the prime suspect is a creepy man named Albert. They both have a gut feeling that Albert is their serial killer. However, Albert has a reputation of being a self-professed crime bluffer. With no evidence besides their gut feeling, Sheriff Joe and Detective Jimmy decide to stalk Albert until they find evidence. Is Albert actually the Los Angeles serial killer or is he crime bluffing again? Is Albert the only creep in the movie? Who else is hiding secrets?

The Little Things was categorized as a thriller/crime movie. The overall tone of the film is mysterious and it establishes the theme that nobody is trustworthy. There are plenty of moments in the movie where the viewer does not know what the characters are referring to, who did what and which character is hiding the biggest secret. Flashbacks are also cleverly used to keep the audience restless and eager to find out who the killer really is. 

This movie was incredible. It had my eyes glued to the screen because the mystery within the plot kept me guessing what the ending was going to be. Because of the unpredictability in the movie, viewers will be relieved to find a movie that leaves them with a shocking ending. 

Actors Denzel Washington and Rami Malek executed their rolls well. Both actors kept a muddled tone that matched with the plot. That is why fans were excited to hear that another Denzel movie was coming to our screens. Instead of seeing Denzel’s character as the hero, like fans are used to, they are left to question what his actual role is in the movie. 

Overall it was the mystery in the film that made it engaging. All the little things in the movie worked together to make it a truly phenomenal cinematic piece.



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