Disney+ is Set To Change The World

For a company known for making magical fantasies come to life, reality is soon to set in for Walt Disney. With the Disney+ streaming service set to premiere on Nov. 12, 2019, the world is clamoring to see what all this new service has to offer. 

 With the release of over 300 items, via a thread on the official Twitter profile @disneyplus, fans all across social media were jumping with joy. They also released a 3-hour video on Youtube that shows everything that will be available. 

Gone are the days of waiting in front of a television screen patiently waiting for a commercial break to end. Now within seconds, viewers will be able to open up Disney+ and watch old classic movies and shows as well as original programming. However, unlike other platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, Disney+ will only offer family-friendly content that is PG-13 and below.  

While it won’t have as much content as some competitors, Disney won’t have to worry about people not buying their streaming service. Die-hard Disney fans are all over the globe and can’t wait to see what all Disney+ has to offer. New remakes will also be made to movies like Home Alone, Night at the Museum and Cheaper by the Dozen. 

With the current trend of streaming services beginning to take over cable television, Disney+ will have some stiff competition in the very near future. HBO Max and Apple TV Plus will be released to the public soon, and for most households, they will have to pick which service they think best suits their interests. 

Showcasing over 7,000 television episodes and 500 movies at the time of launch, Disney+ is sure to have something for everybody to watch. Some examples of the content that will be available are every Star Wars film, 30 seasons of The Simpsons catalog and a good majority of the Marvel universe. Childhood favorites like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and High School Musical franchises will also be available to view. 

Along with many big-name movie companies, Disney+ will also offer National Geographic as apart of this deal. This is an excellent addition as it will bring something different to the table for families to watch. Being a channel known for real-life programming and documentaries, many older viewers should enjoy this change of pace since it is not oriented only towards children. 

Costing only $6.99 per month or $69.99 a year, this affordable deal is sure to be a must-have purchase for Disney fanatics or for the people who are just starting to get involved in Disney culture for the first time. With the previously mentioned streaming apps having already established themselves as a juggernaut in this technological age, it will be interesting to see how Disney+ impacts the competition. 



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