Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Collide for The Morning Show

Apple TV released its newest show, The Morning Show, that encompasses an array of touchy subjects, such as the #MeToo and #whatnow movements and an insight as to what it is like to be a morning show host on one of the most popular television networks in America.  

The first three episodes were dropped on Nov. 1 and the other seven will be released one by one each week. The show stars include Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.  

Courtesy of the Morning Show.

The first few scenes of The Morning Show exhibit the pain and suffering that the main character Alex Levy has to go through. Alex, who is played by Jennifer Anniston, has to give a difficult speech to the viewers of the show. She announced that her partner Mitch Kessler, who is played by Steve Carell, had been fired for sexual misconduct. Levy was an amazing actor as she was truly almost brought to tears as she was saying these horrible things about her co-host of 15 years. 

The emotions and the amount of thought that the producers of this new show put into this particular scene truly captured the pain that Levy was feeling. This scene alone pulled enough on the heartstrings to make one want to shed a tear or two for those who were involved. 

The Morning Show also sheds light on all of the issues and problems behind the scenes of the newscast. Not everything is perfect as it always seems to be when the camera is rolling. The creators of this show wanted to exemplify that there are a ton of people who are furthering their careers by simply being pretty and gaining the most followers for the show. 

Reese Witherspoon, who plays Bradley Jackson experiences this first hand when she is not chosen for the evening news for her station. Her producer tells her that the other anchor deserves it more because she is more popular with the crowd. The producers of The Morning Show emphasize the idea that Jackson does not get this position as she tells the truth too fiercely and the viewers do not appreciate that.  

Another topic that the producers focused on and did an amazing job with was the fact that women who are put into this situation in regard to sexual harassment are not alone. Mitch Kessler was framed correctly for his actions and this is something that should be as strictly enforced in real life as it is in this television series.  

Overall, the producers did a great job with this new television series for Apple TV. The focus on interesting and difficult topics to speak on nonstop while also adding in good narration and visuals is something that most producers lack in at some point in their show, but so far, the producers for The Morning Show are very well backed up and supported in their work. 



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