Love is Blind 4 Might be its Best Season Yet

Love is Blind (LIB) is a reality TV show that released its fourth season on Netflix and its gimmick consists of finding love in a rather unconventional manner. This social experiment revolves around 30 contestants that live together and date each other for 10 days to find love.

Maria Jesus Martinez

Love is Blind (LIB) is a reality TV show that released its fourth season on Netflix and its gimmick consists of finding love in a rather unconventional manner. This social experiment revolves around 30 contestants that live together and date each other for10 days to find love. The plot twists on the show is that men and women can not see each other’s faces and they fall in love and get engaged based on the emotional connection they built.

After, they have 28 days to go to the altar and in between they face different challenges such as physical compatibility, meeting other engaged couples, old flings from other contestants, meeting friends and family, living together, sexual chemistry and so on. Later, the contestants will go to the altar to say yes or no to marriage. 

Of all the seasons released, I must say this is the best one so far. One of the reasons is because three couples out of five got married, when normally one or two couples get married per season. Also it had more drama, heartbreaks, backstabbing and love triangles than all the previous editions combined.

The couples that got engaged at the beginning were Paul and Micah, Kwame and Chelsea, Zack and Irina, Brett and Tiffany and Marshall and Jackie. However, those promises of a lifetime together got messy. 

Firstly, Kwame got engaged to Chelsea, but his first option was Micah. Micah thought the same about him, but she ended up with Paul. However, Micah and Kwame flirted with each other when the couples met. Kwame and Chelsea eventually got married, but the twitter LIB fandom will not forget about the past easily. Still, their wedding is a win for LIB. 

Paul also had a connection with a woman named Amber and, even when he chose Micah over her, he was second guessing about whether Micah was the one for him at all. At the same time, Irina, Micah ́s best friend, was also interested in Paul as she found him to be attractive and flirted with him. The fun fact is that Irina is engaged to Zack, someone who she connected emotionally with but who is unattractive. 

 She even makes fun of him because he never blinks and has cartoonish eyes and Zack realizes that the love of his life is Bliss, the other woman who felt a unique connection with. Zack ends the engagement with Irina and goes back to Seattle to try to get Bliss back.

Bliss was skeptical at first, but gives him a second chance and becomes Zack ́s fiancé after just a few days. This was my favorite couple as Zack genuinely regretted not choosing her and tried to be worthy of her love. Meanwhile, Bliss adores everything that Irina did not like about him, like his eyes. They have so much in common. They are nerdy, their favorite animal is an owl and they both thought of putting the same song to their wedding even before they met (“I hope you dance” byLee Ann Womack). This couple taught me that sometimes giving a second chance at love is worth it and that what is meant to be will be, no matter the paths you take. 

The worst couple were Marshall and Jackie because they did not make sense together. Marshall is a man connected to his emotions, while Jackie is not emotional at all and as the relationship was progressing, she told Marshall that he was not man enough for her. Jackie eventually dumped Marshall and started dating Josh, another contestant she was interested in who is even further disconnected from his emotions.

The only love story that was not involved in drama was Brett and Tiffany. They are mature, they know what they want in a partner, they make each other better, they have the approval of their families and friends and they were so convinced about each other that they made it clear that they were going to say yes at the altar. 

I highly recommend watching this season for anyone who loves fairytale endings, but also has a certain dose of drama that a Reality TV show needs and what the audience craves for as well. 



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