Review: A Fall From Grace

A Fall From Grace, is a thriller film written and directed by Tyler Perry, released Jan. 17 on Netflix. 

Grace, played by actress Crystal Fox, is an older woman recovering from a divorce due to her ex-husband having an affair. Her best friend Sarah, played by actress Phylicia Rashad, encouraged her to attend an event where she met Shannon, played by actor Mechad Brooks. 

The plot conveys a message that is beneficial to all women, even if they are not in the same age range as Grace. When meeting someone new it is easy for potential negatives to slip one’s mind.

So initially, one may think they would not allow themselves to be in a situation like her. After seeing how she was tricked and lied to in the film, women should be reminded to protect themselves against others who will use sensitive situations and feelings to manipulate them for their own benefit. 

This is the first film Perry has released with the company and he announced the movie only took five days to film. With a two hour duration, one would expect small details that would enhance the audience’s understanding of how some events occurred. A lot of things were left unclear and could be interpreted differently by viewers. If it was going to be displayed this way, it could have been shorter.  

The dialogue between the main characters is very harsh. The conversations between Grace and Shannon are so disrespectful to the point where one would wonder where Perry even got these ideas. Why would he write in for a man to say such evil things to a woman? But, that is a part of the lesson and the message. That is what holds the audience’s attention throughout the film and makes it worth the watch.

Also, there are too many focuses within the movie. The scatteredness takes away from the point of the movie causing the first half to be uninteresting. It is easy to get lost with the drawn out issues that could have been avoided or had less focus.

It is a film worth recommending, but the viewer would have to have their own desire to finish. Someone who is not particularly into this genre may not be willing to follow for so long because the message could have been delivered faster. 

The most important thing about A Fall From Grace is that what Grace went through can actually happen to someone in the real world and everyone should be cautious of people like Shannon and Sarah. 



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  1. I agree, the beginning was definitely one that you had to choose to sit through. The plot could’ve come along faster, but the overall film itself was pretty decent. Maybe 4/5 stars if I had to be the judge.

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