Rising to National Radio

Adam Bomb is a radio DJ on The Adam Bomb Show on Q99.7 out of Atlanta.  

Like many, Adam struggled after he graduated, but hard work and passion about what he does has gotten him to where he is today.  

“I didn’t know from the beginning that being a radio DJ is what I wanted to do,” said Adam. “I got an internship on the school radio station my freshman year and that is when my career started.” 

Adam started his radio DJ career when media was at its peak. The competition was huge and it was important to work hard and get as much experience as possible.  

“It was a lot of people working on the radio back then, so I think that it was the most challenging part because it was more competitive before than it is now,” Adam said. “You had to really kinda fight to get your spot.” 

Participation in school activities, self-education and internships are what helped Adam grow. He did not rely on connections, rather himself and his knowledge.  

“I did it all myself pretty much, because I knew what I was doing career – wise,” Adam said. 

His hard work brought him on Q99.7 radio station. Adam’s show is not only air locally but also nationally. He is the one who brought Q99.7 on a national level after he started working with Westwood One. 

“It is challenging to do two shows at the same time because we record The Adam Bomb Show in Atlanta, and right after the show, we need to record everything for Westwood One in Dallas, TX.” Adam said. 

Adam Bomb is definitely an example for students who are about to start a career on the radio. He helps students from different universities, and UWG is not an exception. Students from UWG get a chance to learn from him and see real radio life. He is helping students because he believes that experience, and a chance to practice it is best for students to build their portfolio and succeed in the profession.  




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