Sailing the World One Mile at a Time

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu are an Australian couple who are the captain and first mate of a 40-foot catamaran boat known as Sailing La Vagabonde. They have been sailing together since 2014 cleaning up the oceans, documenting their progress and allowing those who are not able to travel to see the world through their computer.  

Despite having no sailing experience and both having quit their jobs on a whim to sail the world simply because they wanted to experience life in a different way, they were unsure as to how they would get by. Luckily for them, Elayna picked up a camera to make videos so her family could know she was still safe, and soon they became famous on YouTube.  


“We now have over one million subscribers on our YouTube channel, which allows us to continue to sail and travel to all of these wonderful places,” said Carausu.  “So far we have crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.” 

Having the ability to travel all over the world has allowed Whitelum and Carausu to see many incredible things.  

“The darkest, creepiest, rolling cloud brought a surprising 41 knots of wind. Luckily the sun hadn’t set, and we spotted it with our eyes, which made us look at the radars,” said Elayna. “Thankfully we had enough time to take three reeves in the mainsail and ride it out.” 

Whitelum and Carausu have experienced their boat breaking down in the middle of the ocean and having to wait for the wind to carry them to shore. They have also had the painful experience of dragging anchor and crashing into either the shore or into another boat that is anchored near them.  

“Our fingers are crossed for the people and critters of the Bahamas and Florida,” said Carausu. “We’ve managed to sail our boat north well out of the way so that we are safe and sound, but it is still so sad. We have loads of information on how people can help them and who is the best group to donate supplies and or money to on our YouTube channel.”  

Whitelum and Carausu have sailed around the Bahamas for the last couple of months and even called it their home on multiple occasions throughout their most recent videos, so the late events in Abaco have really impacted them. They are personally working on getting supplies and raising money for all who are in need in the Bahamas. Whitelum and Carausu are hoping to make it back to the Bahamas soon to help in any way that they can on land.   

“I cannot believe what is happening and my heart aches for the people who have lost loved ones, had houses take away from them and who are currently living a nightmare,” said Elayna. “I want nothing more than to support those who are in need, but I know that I can support them more efficiently by sending supplies and using our platform to help Abaco and all of those who are in need.” 




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