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Shaky Knees Invites Talent from Across the Pond

Two UK born artists gave Shaky Knees a much needed deep breath this weekend.

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Two UK born artists gave Shaky Knees a much needed deep breath this weekend. Matt Maltese is fresh off the release of “Driving Just To Drive” released on April 28. The melancholic yet comforting singer slash pianist brings homey feels with his new album, claiming his family was the largest source of inspiration for the project. 

“It’s friendships, family, relationships–it’s all about them and my relation to them,” says Matt. The singer’s talented piano background leaves much to be desired and could lead to an instrumental album in the future, But for now, Matt’s content that the world gets to enjoy the small universe he’s created for himself within his music.

“It’s nuts to have [the album] out,” says Matt. “You spend so much time with it in your future, and then when it’s actually out in the world you forget it’s new to people because you’ve lived with this thing for a long time. It’s been about a year of my life.” 

As a simple man, Matt is just happy to continue making music and connecting with his audience through performing. 

“I didn’t think I would get to make four [albums],” says Matt. “The odds of [music] continuing to be a job are very low and it doesn’t pass me by that I’m lucky to be here.”

Performing at his first Shaky Knees festival was his icebreaker before his future travel in wooing audiences while on tour. 

“I’m trying to fit as much in before I go back in a couple of weeks,” says Matt. 

Matt will travel to Asia and Australia for a three week long tour. From their surroundings to new experiences in the U.S. their ability to have different perspectives on situations and relationships allows them to turn their life lessons into lyrics. 

“I’ve never played a U.S. festival before, we’re really lucky,” says Matt. 

Even after his performance, Matt wanted to fully immerse himself in the Shaky Knees experience by supporting other artists and sampling some Atlantean cuisine. Shaky Knees will always be a part of his music as he gained a new perspective on Atlanta’s love-filled positive music atmosphere. 

Puma Blue also graced the audience with some new releases on the main stage Sunday afternoon. The now Atlanta residing Brit broke away from his usual indoor setting in favor of the sunny weather and early summer aura while performing at his first Shaky Knees festival. 

“It’s just so nice to play in the sun,” says Puma Blue. “I feel like you don’t get to do that much in music. Different scenery is nice.”

“Pretty”, one of his most recent releases, was played near the end of the set. His various tunes, like this song, gave off a very sensual and artistic vibe. Puma blue achieved excellent synchronization between the high notes on the piano keys and the guitar strings. 

Jacob Allen began releasing music under the Puma Blue moniker in 2015. Eight years later, he was granted the opportunity to perform at an amazing festival that brings thousands of people. 

Currently Puma Blue is on tour, and his album will be released on all platforms on September 1. This new album, which is more collaborative with the band than a single, will introduce a new style to his audience. 

“We’ve got this amazing support artist with us at the moment, Lutalo, he’s just by himself but we’re all traveling together,” said Puma Blue. “He’s like one of us now.”

The band, who’ve been playing with Puma Blue for six years, recently visited Washington, DC, Durham, and Nashvillle. Their next stop will be in New Orleans, followed by three stops in Texas: Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Puma Blue plans to take a short break before focusing on promotion for the new album, which will be released at the end of the year. It will be a time to unwind and enjoy much needed family time back in Europe, possibly inspiring a new single in the future.

Shaky Knees shook these two artists’ perspectives on Atlanta culture and music, giving them a lively and energetic filled experience that they will long remember and imprint on their musical journey going forward.



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