Student entrepreneur introduces new T-shirt brand at UWG

Victor President, UWG student and former victim of heart disease, has channeled his past agony into entrepreneurship. President advertises his Money Lovers shirts as a way to promote the idea of a dreamers mindset, and how substantial that is to starting a business.  

President has always had a vision of striating his own brand from the times of being a youth seeing his older brother wearing designer brands. 

“I chose the idea of Money Lovers, because money is dear to our hearts,” said President. “The reason the heart is on the right is due to my nine open heart surgeries, and Money Lovers is in red letters because you will give blood, sweat and tears to achieve what you are striving for. 

President has two feature items in black and white with his signature logo. The logo has red lettering that says “Money Lovers,” and at the cornerstone of the logo is a money green heart. Alike to some designers, Presidents logo originated from hand drawn sketches.  

 “My mom and girlfriend drew the official design for my brand, but the origin of the design came from the Comme des Garçons brand,” said President. “I believe that good quality is the best way to spearhead my brand, and that’s what I’m doing by using a better quality shirt to impede the fading and shrinking process that shirts go through with multiple washes.”  

Like most of the great ideas people have they often do not come while we are thinking hard but in leisure times of relation, and President was no different. 

“The idea of starting my own clothing line came to me last spring while eating at Z-6 for the weekly Fried Chicken Wednesday,” said President. “Like other entrepreneurs, I got tired of working my nine to 5 job, and began brainstorming ways to convert my passions into an extra source of income.”  

President knows that the road to success will be a long one, but reflecting on the lessons of his upbringing such as of walking by faith and not by fear and never forgetting where he comes from, will make the journey less stressful.  

“For future plans, I want to give back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, since they played such a big role in mine and my family’s life;  hosting all of my nine open-heart surgeries,” said President. “Giving back would be the least I could do for someone that gave me my normal life back.”   

Researching consumers to see what they would like to purchase helps the brand expand to new customers, as well as pleasing old ones.  

“Look out for upcoming merchandise, we are in the works of designing breast cancer shirts and the highly anticipated tie-dye shirts,” said President.  

To get in contact and to stay up to date with President’s brand, follow the brands page on Instagram at moneylovers_.  



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